Driving Safety Tips on Halloween

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Driving on Halloween Fall is in the air and the scariest holiday of the year is quickly approaching. With all the excitement, candy, bright colors, and sugared up children running around in the streets, driving on Halloween can be especially stressful. But the good news is, you can help protect young trick-or-treaters by practicing driving safety tips. And if a stray egg from some wild teenagers happens to hit your vehicle in the process, be sure to give us a call to get the best there is in Denver car refinishing. Here are some tips to keep you and your neighbors safe on the road.

No Phone Zone

On this day in particular, you should be avoiding all distractions. Do not text or call unless your vehicle is at a complete stop. No exceptions.

Keep an Eye Out

Halloween brings the whole neighborhood out onto the street and that means you need to be especially on your guard. Kids can cross the street anywhere and dark costumes make trick-or-treaters especially difficult to see. You need to prepared and paying attention to prevent a serious injury. Statistically, most young pedestrian deaths don’t happen at intersections, so be sure to be aware no matter where you are driving. Scan the yards, sidewalks, and porches you are passing by to be ready to react to anyone running into the road.

Drive Slowly and Yield

Children are not always the safest when crossing roads, especially when there is so much excitement around. While driving on Halloween, keep your speed low and be sure to let the little ones pass instead of asserting your place on the road. Give them a little extra time and space to react to your vehicle.

On Halloween, children are four more times likely to be struck by vehicles than any other day of the year. That means that you need to be especially careful and in control of your vehicle. Nothing could be worse than causing a tragedy because of responding to a text. Help every stay safe by staying focused and concentrated on the road. And of course, be sure to have a blast with the youngsters celebrating one of the wildest holidays of the year.

How to use this information

Sometimes, even though staying safe on the road is your highest priority accidents do still occur. If you find yourself in a fender bender while driving through the mayhem of Halloween, we can help you get your vehicle back in shape. Be sure to give Accurate Auto Body a call at 303-344-2122 or contact us through our website for more information and we will be happy help!

How do you stay safe while driving on Halloween?

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