Fuel Grade Options For Your Car

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fuel grade When showing up at the pump, you are presented with multiple options for what type of fuel to feed your automobile. Most of us gaze longingly at the plus and premium fuels wondering how much it would improve our vehicle before seeing the stark difference in price and pressing the regular button. While both the marketing and the higher pricing of plus, premium, and super fuel grades would have you believe that they are in some way superior or better for your vehicle, this is actually incorrect. Our Denver auto repair professionals are here to give you the real scoop on what fuel grades really mean for your vehicle.           

Fuel Grades: Octane Rating

Fuel grades are differentiated by their respective octane ratings, which translates to the fuel’s ability to resist engine knocking, or pinging. A higher octane rating means the fuel is more resistive to knocking. Generally, regular gasoline has an octane rating of about 85, with mid-grade at 87 and premium ranking in around 91-93.

Which Fuel Grade is Right for Your Vehicle

So what does octane rating mean when it comes to your standard, non-performance automobile? Well, if it is in good shape and does not require high octane fuel, absolutely nothing. Besides the additional 15 to 20 cents per gallon you are paying out.

In your owner’s manual it will state which type of fuel grade is recommended for your engine. Certain vehicles with high performance engines are designed to run on high octane fuel, which will provide it with higher fuel efficiency and a longer life for your engine by preventing it from knocking. But for the majority of vehicles, premium gas will provide no aid with fuel efficiency or enable it to run faster/cleaner.

Bottom Line

Many automakers will readily admit that advances in fuel technology and fuel additives have made regular fuel just as beneficial for your vehicle as high octane fuel. If your car specifically requires premium gasoline to prevent engine knocking, then by all means give it what it needs. But for all the Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic drivers out there, don’t buy into premium fuel marketing. Stick with regular and get yourself a little something special with the left over cash.

How to use this information

Just because you are using the right fuel grade doesn’t mean that your vehicle will run forever. Be sure to give it the proper checkups and TLC it deserves.  Accurate Auto Body is here to help you keep your vehicle on the road for as long as possible. If you are in need of maintenance, be sure to give Accurate Auto Body a call at 303-344-2122 or contact us through our website for more information and we will be happy help!

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