Preventative Car Maintenance Recommendations

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car preventative maintenance Few things are more important for the overall life of your vehicle than preventative auto maintenance and making sure your car is properly serviced and maintained. Most people glance at their service manual once and then forget about it for the next 20,000 miles or until the next expensive repair pops up. But, by being proactive and giving your car the care it needs, you can drastically reduce your Denver car repair bills and extend the life of your vehicle. Here are some Car Preventative Maintenance recommendations on schedules for performing preventative maintenance which will keep your car running smooth.

Frequent Checking

Keeping a constant eye on your engine oil level and tire pressure/tread condition can have far reaching effects. Low tire pressure can lead to significantly higher wear and tear, forcing you to buy new tires sooner than necessary. And being that they retail for a minimum of around $70 per tire, that is certainly something to keep in mind.

Check Every 3 Months/3,000 Miles

Checking the condition of your engine oil and engine air filter can keep your car fuel efficient and prevent dirt from clogging up your vehicle’s inner workings. This basic preventative maintenance saves on both gas and an eventual replacement of your engine. Also bring your car in and make sure your brakes, belts, hoses, and lights are all in working order. Catching something before it breaks can save you from a break down and expensive repair work later on.

Check Every 12 months/12,000 Miles

Certain things tend to wear on a much longer scale, such as the lubrication on your chassis and the alignment of your tires. Once a year, at the very least, you should take your car in for a full check-up where a mechanic looks at all fluids, hoses, belts, filters, cables, and all aspects of your tires.

Overall, even though it’s not exactly cheap to have preventative maintenance done, when compared to the eventual costs of replacing parts such as a radiator, head gasket, or water pump, the savings are massive. Giving your car the TLC it needs is the easiest way to prevent unforeseen repair costs and keep it running far into the future.

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