Keeping Your Car Safe with Vehicle Anti-Theft Technology

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Anti-theft technology Having your vehicle stolen isn’t anything that you can predict, but installing a few preventative anti-theft technology measures is an easy way to stop robbers in their tracks before anything happens. Among the vehicle enhancements available on the market, anti-theft technology is one of the smartest things to install on your car. Accurate Auto Body is here to present you with the many different security options available for all budgets and vehicles.

Steering, Hood, and Tire Locks

In a digital world, it is remarkable how effective manual locks still are at deterring crimes.  Steering-Wheel locks are perhaps the most popular and least expensive anti-theft technology available. By locking the steering wheel in place in a highly visual fashion, it is unlikely that thieves will attempt to try get inside your car. Hood locks prevent access to your battery and other parts which can be stolen and sold off and are highly economical, ranging from $20-$50.

Finally, if you are keeping your vehicle parked for a while, tire locks are very effective at preventing theft. Though difficult to take on and off (thus making them a rather inefficient option for the everyday driver), they are very visual and near impossible to remove. Rest assured that with a tire lock you will return to your vehicle right where you left it.

Electronic Immobilizers and Car Alarms

Most modern vehicles utilize car keys which send electronic signals to the ignition and fuel-pump system, preventing the vehicle from turning on if no signals are received. Car alarms have also become relatively standard on modern vehicles, keeping thieves out by activating an alarm for any unwanted entry or broken glass. Though both of these systems are expensive when installed on an older vehicle, they are some of the best anti-theft vehicle technology available. Most thieves will not go near vehicles equipped with electronic immobilizers or car alarms.

Vehicle Tracking

A final part of anti-theft technology is keeping track of your vehicle after it has been taken. Most vehicle tracking services rely on GPS locators installed on the vehicle which can be located via satellite, often making stolen vehicles recoverable in under an hour. For those looking for maximum effectiveness, full vehicle tracking systems such as those offered by OnStar and LoJack offer systems which are integrated with law enforcement, boasting recovery rates of over 90%. Though they do cost a pretty penny, you are almost guaranteed to get your car back.

So What to Pick?

 This question can really only be answered according to the budget of the individual. For those buying modern cars, most already come equipped with anti-theft technology and purchasing additional locks or services may be excessive. For those with older cars and a limited budget, a steering lock (and perhaps some fake car alarm stickers) is a great way to deter thieves at a low cost.

How to use this information

At Accurate Auto Body, we are always staying up to date with the latest anti-theft technology systems. If you would like to upgrade the system on your vehicle, we will be happy to help with installation.  Be sure to give Accurate Auto Body a call at 303-344-2122 or contact us through our website for more information and we will be happy help!

 What is your preferred method of deterring thieves with anti-theft technology?

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