Most Commonly Damaged Car Parts

Posted on: January 22nd, 2016 by Accurate Auto Body Denver 2 Comments

damaged car parts Our Denver car repair specialists see a lot of vehicular damage and we’ve noticed that certain parts tend to get damaged more often than others. After a bit of investigation, we found a survey done on this exact topic and found that our results matched up pretty closely. Here’s a list to show you what is most likely to get damaged in a collision:


Unsurprisingly, the front and rear bumper of your vehicle are the most likely parts to get hit and sustain damage during a collision. As it’s designed to protect the rest of your vehicle from getting damaged, it’s no wonder why your front bumper tops this list. Having a solid bumper can help save your vehicle from damage which is more costly to repair.


Headlights are a close second to your front bumper in terms of likelihood of damage. Being made of plastic and glass, they are very fragile and are likely to break even in minor collisions with low body damage. Taillights are also likely to break during a rear impact crash.

Fender, Hood, and Grille 

In a side collision, fenders soak up a lot of the impact. They also are frequently victims of minor accidents involving curbs, fire hydrants, etc. Your grille is ranked only behind headlights for commonly damaged car parts because drivers are likely to swerve when they are about to make head-on impact. If you have are in a high speed front end collision, your hood is designed to crumple and absorb energy to save the driver’s life.

Air Conditioners, Heaters, and Air Bags

Coming in at the bottom of the list, internal mechanisms often are spared from vehicular damage except in extreme cases. It takes a good deal of front end impact to release an air bag. Air conditioners and heaters are rarely damaged except in heavy impact collisions.

At the end of the day, you never know when a collision is coming. Having a vehicle which is well made and well maintained can make all the difference in minimizing impact and damage. Stay safe and keep driving!

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 In your experience, what have you damaged most on the vehicles you’ve owned?

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  1. Tex Hooper says:

    I appreciate what you said about replacing the headlights. My headlights have been smashed for years. I’ll have to have them checked out.

  2. A few nights ago, my cousin’s car got damaged during a car accident, and since he’s going on a business trip, he’s currently looking for the right replacement parts. It’s helpful to know about auto parts that get damaged more often during a collision, so I think this could be useful for my cousin. I appreciate your intake on how our car’s parts are made to protect us from collisions.

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