How to Secure Cargo On Car for a Safe Journey

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securing cargo to your car If you are going on a road trip, chances are that you didn’t manage to fit all of your supplies in your car. Luckily, with the right equipment, you can use the roof of your vehicle to greatly expand your carrying capacity. But to avoid an accident, you need to be sure you know what you are doing. Our Denver car repair professionals are here to tell you how to secure your cargo on your car and keep it nice and tight on the road so that you get where you want to go without incident.

Before Loading Cargo onto Your Car

A great way to poorly secure your cargo is to start piling things on your roof without thinking things through. Securing cargo is often a life-sized Tetris game where size, weight, and balance must be carefully considered to ensure a safe trip. Try to keep weight equally distributed across the roof of your vehicle so that you do not affect your car’s center of gravity. Additionally, make sure that your gear is large enough to be secured effectively. Try to think of a way to spread out that cargo so that your vision is not affected and nothing has the ability to jiggle loose during extended travel. Do not transport cargo that is wider than your vehicle, as this can be dangerous for handling and could result in an accident.

Tying Down – How to Secure Cargo on Car

Using the proper equipment to for securing cargo is imperative for guaranteeing a safe ride. Although bungee cords might seem convenient, their stretchiness can actually prove dangerous when put to the test of the high speed winds your vehicle will experience while driving. Ratchet straps are the best way to make sure things do not move around, especially for those who are not confident with rope knots.

If you have a roof rack, be sure to not over tighten the ratchet straps and damage the rack itself. If you don’t have a rack and are securing cargo right to the roof of your car, remember to ratchet through the door rather than the window, so that you are still able to enter the vehicle.

The Driving Experience

Checking your cargo frequently is the best way to avoid an accident before it happens. You should be checking your cargo and straps every so often to make sure nothing has moved and your load is still secure. Before getting on the road, grab and shake your cargo to see if anything moves – if it does, chances are your load is not ready for driving.

When on the road, maintain a manageable speed and remember that your vehicle’s aerodynamics are being affected by the cargo and could change some of the handling experience of the car. Generally, your cargo will slip forward over time and stopping periodically to adjust and re-secure it is a great safety measure.

Remember, proper preparation and staying alert and vigilant is the best way to make sure that your cargo arrives to your destination safely and in one piece.

How to use this information

At Accurate Auto Body, we’ve seen our fair share of accidents caused by people poorly securing cargo. If something slips lose and causes damage to your vehicle be sure to give Accurate Auto Body a call at 303-344-2122 or contact us through our website for more information and we will be happy help!

What is your favorite method for securing cargo on your car?

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