Top 2016 Auto Trends at the Consumer Electronics Show

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2016 auto trends Every year, car manufacturers at the Consumer Electronics Show try to prove to consumers that the future really is now. This year is no different, with a whole host of new technology and concept cars designed to awe and impress. Your Denver car repair experts are here to present you with the top 2016 auto trends the Consumer Electronic Show.

Electric Vehicles

  • 2017 Chevrolet Bolt: Boasting a range of up to 200 miles and up to an 80 percent charge within 60 minutes, the Chevrolet Bolt is pushing the bounds of electronic vehicles. Production of the all-electric vehicle is schedule to commence at the end of 2016
  • Volkswagen BUDD-e Minivan: With a range of up to 233 miles, the new minivan from Volkswagen showcases the company’s gradual move away from combustion engines. Featuring all of the latest in consumer electronics, the BUDD-e can communicate with phone and home devices and utilizes gesture controls. Although only a concept car, Volkswagen is looking to start production by the end of the decade.

Smart Homes

Building on previous advances in car connectivity, vehicles are now starting to link up with homes to allow consumers to access their vehicle from inside. This will allow drivers to conveniently lock, unlock and start their vehicles by voice from inside one’s home. It will also give consumers the power to adjust things in their home from their vehicle, such as shut the garage door, adjust their home’s thermostat or turn off a light.

BMW i-Vision Future Gesture Controls

 This year, BMW released its latest vision of a networked driving experience which allows motorists to control their vehicles through gesture. Gesture control utilizes sensors to read user input on a virtual touch screen with no physical interaction with a screen surface. High resolution displays then communicate information back to the driver, providing smooth driving experience.

Baby Safety Products

  • 4Moms Self Installing Car: 4Moms new rear-facing only child car seat uses a smartphone app to automatically recline and tension the seat. The app then continues to monitor the tension of the seat after it has been attached to the base, maintaining a safe ride. Though it costs a pretty penny ($499.00), those who have had trouble with child seat installation will find much needed relief.
  • Garmin Baby-Cam: The latest release from the portable navigation king is a camera which pairs with your navigation device, allowing you to switch from your map to check on your little ones.

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show highlights the transitions to connectivity, electric power, and gesture control. Autonomous vehicles are on the horizon as well, with hopes that the first production vehicle will be out by 2020. All of this year’s concepts are very exciting and we can’t wait to see what will come next in the world of automobiles!

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