Auto Trends and Tech – Simple Ways to Get Bugs Off Your Windshield

Posted on: March 17th, 2016 by Accurate Auto Body Denver 1 Comment

How to Remove Bugs from Windshield

Learn How to Remove Bugs from Windshield

Everyone at Accurate Auto Body take a lot of pride in helping your car look its very best. One question we recently received was about how to get bugs off of your windshield after a long drive. Here are some ideas for removing any “hitchhikers” from your most recent trip:

Start with a wash cloth that is soaking wet with hot water. Drape the cloth over the affected area for a few minutes to get the buggy remains wet. You can add vinegar or Dawn dish soap for tough spots. Be careful about using other household cleaning chemicals that could damage your paint or the glass in your windshield.

Making a paste out baking soda and water for a mild abrasive can help you go after stubborn spots. Baking soda particles are small enough that they will not scratch the glass of your windshield. Apply the paste using disposable rag and let it dry. Once it dries out, wash it off with hot water. Microfiber clothes are a good choice as they only leave a tiny amount of lint behind.

If good old soap and water doesn’t work for you, there are a number of bug cleaners you can pick up at your local auto parts store. Ask for some guidance from the staff at your store to choose the right product for your car.

Razors and other sharp objects can be a manual way to remove smashed bugs. Be careful as it is easy to chip the windshield frame or scratch the glass (and you could hurt yourself as well).

If you don’t want to risk using a razor, try using the pressure washer at your local self-serve car wash. Go with the wash and rinse settings to power things clean.

Once you have things cleaned off of your windshield, you may want to try using a window treatment like Rain-X if you drive in “high bug” environment. Products like Rain-X help prevent rain, bugs and other debris from sticking to your windshield by bonding to the glass and creating a smooth surface.

We hope these tips help you keep your car looking great long after your visit to one of the best auto body shops in Denver.

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  1. My cousin has been thinking about taking better care of her windshield because she doesn’t want to cause a lot of damage. She would really like to get some help in order to be more effective in order to have fewer problems. It was interesting to learn about how stubborn spots on the glass could be cleaned out by baking soda, and water after it has had a chance to dry.

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