Smartphone Integration in New Cars

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smartphone car integration Following the general trend of smart technology integration, automotive manufacturers have begun to produce vehicles which enable smartphone car integration to link to your smartphone to provide you with the music and media services you use most. This makes your smartphone, in many cases, the center of your vehicle’s on-board media technology. This is a feature to pay close attention to when buying a new vehicle, as most companies provide several different types of connectivity plans depending on the model. Our Denver car repair experts are here to give you the low down on what to look for when considering your connectivity options.

Smartphone Car Integration

Previously a luxury item reserved for BMW and Mercedes, smartphone integration is beginning to enter the mainstream. Chevrolet, for example, has phone installations in more than a dozen models in the coming year. Google and Apple have both released mobile platforms designed to easily integrate with vehicles and provide functions such as starting your car from inside your home and checking if the lights are on.

When it comes to strict communications, new cars rely on Bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone. Using Bluetooth, most new cars allow for hands free call and even voice-enable dialing. Just push a button on your steering wheel and say “call so and so” and your phone will dial.

Even text messages can be connected to your car via Bluetooth. For example, with Nissan your car can ready text messages aloud for you while driving. And, the car itself can send out a notification to the person who texted you letting them know that you are driving. You do not need to immediately send a message back while driving. You can safely wait until you are done driving to respond.

Mobile App Integration in Your Car

Companies like Toyota and Ford are partnering with app services to provide you with tunes and social media services which link-up to your vehicle. Toyota’s Entune platform and Nissan Connect allow you to use Pandora and iHeart Radio for streaming music and Bing and Yelp for local searches. Services even exist to allow you to search for and make reservations at local restaurants.

Generally, these connectivity options allow you to use your preexisting cell phone data plan to connect to the cloud, saving you money by not having to invest in a separate plan for your vehicle. However, this also leaves you at the whim of your cellular signal, meaning that you might not be able to use your connectivity options if you are in a rural area.

Specialized Infotainment Plans

The quality of your connectivity experience in your vehicle is greatly determined by the apps to which you have access. Depending on the car, you will have access to certain apps and have to pay out of pocket for others. Be sure that you are fully informed about the smart phone integration options that come with your vehicle before investing.  It could make the difference between a vehicle you are in love with and one you wish you could trade back in.

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