Car Colors: What’s Popular?

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car colors We live in a colorful world. Beginning with nature and ending in design, the color of our products is manufactured to evoke certain emotions from us. Whether that be the ‘new-age’ feel of silver or the quirkiness of bright purple, color dramatically affects our choice in products. And this is especially true for cars. Our car refinishing pros in Aurora are here to talk a little about car colors and what they mean for you.

What’s The Most Popular Car Color

For roughly the past 10 years, silver, black, and white have topped the charts as the most popular car colors. Though slight variation exists depending on the type of car, these three colors account for more than half of all vehicles sold in the United States. After this, red and navy blue take a smaller percentage and gold and green are at the bottom of the barrel.

So why the lack of pomp and flash? Well, it has a lot to do with ease of sale and resale value. Studies have proven that white, black, and silver vehicles are the easiest vehicles to sell as they appeal to the broadest demographic of people. And in today’s world, it turns out that car color has a huge impact on the ability of salesmen to get the car off the lot. A whopping 40% of people who visit dealerships will back out on a deal if the color they are looking for is not available.

But What About the Real Colors?

Despite the trends, vibrant colors can still be very popular depending on geographical considerations and the make and model of vehicle. For example, if you live in the hot desert of Nevada, black cars are not at the top of the list for sale and gold or tan show up in much higher numbers. Plus, it really does matter what style of car you are paring with that cherry apple red gloss coat – hint: a sports car will sell significantly better than a commuter sedan. These are key factors to remember if you are considering ever reselling your vehicle – try to keep in mind what would appeal to the people in your region looking for your make and model of vehicle.

What’s in the Future of Car Colors?

Although there’s no doubt about the lack of eye-catching color on the highway, the future is not as drab as you might expect. Trend experts are showing that various shades of green will find their way out onto the roadways in the coming years and other small vehicles such as the Chevrolet Spark and Mini Cooper are testing the limits with color arrays rivaling Crayola.

Bottom Line

Like anything related to your vehicle, color is a matter of choice but it is important to recognize that it does have a significant impact on your ability to resell your vehicle. So while that bright yellow or purple car might look good now, make sure to think about what it will be like in 10 years when you are trying to sell it someone else.

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