Car Overheating: What to Do

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car overheating A scorching day can put any engine to the test, especially if you are stuck in traffic or driving your vehicle up a steep grade. Those days and situations can easily create car overheating. When your thermostat begins to rise or your vehicle begins to show warning lights for overheating, it’s time to take action. Accurate Auto body in Aurora, CO is here to give you the low down on how to cool your vehicle’s engine and stay on the road.

Car Overheating: Simple Fixes

As soon as you notice that your vehicle is beginning to overheat, roll down the windows and turn off the AC. This will decrease the load on the engine and let your vehicle start to cool down.

If that doesn’t work, it’s time to try something unorthodox. Turn on the heater and blower to blast that hot air out of the engine. You may be turning the inside of your vehicle into a sauna, but trust us, it will do wonders to transfer the heat away from the engine.

Drastic Measures for Car Overheating

Finally, if the gauge is still rising with no end in sight and you aren’t stuck in traffic, pull your vehicle over to let it rest. If you are stuck in gridlock, throw your vehicle into neutral and rev the engine a couple times. Revving the engine will speed up the fan and water pump, drawing more cool liquid and air through the radiator which will help regulate your engine’s temperature.

If you end up having to pull your vehicle because warning lights are going on and nothing is helping, remember to never open your radiator. Pressure will be high and the liquid will be hot; save yourself the burns and wait until the engine cools down. If you have to add water, do it with the cooled engine running in neutral or park.

Possible Causes of Car Overheating Besides Heat

Although heat is generally the culprit when it comes to your car overheating, you could also be experiencing some other problems. If it’s not too hot and your vehicle seems to be heating for no reason, check your radiator and coolant level. If it’s low, fill it up and monitor the performance. If it continues to overheat, you could have a leak in your cooling system.

How to use this information

If your vehicle is overheating for no reason, we can help you pinpoint the cause. If you are having trouble getting through those hot days, be sure to give Accurate Auto Body a call at 303-344-2122 or contact us and bring your vehicle by to have it looked at!

Do you have any secret tips on getting your vehicle not to overheat? Let us know!

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