Self-Driving Vehicles: When Will We See Them

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self driving vehicles When it comes to self-driving vehicles, both consumers and investors alike have the same question on their mind – when are they going to come out? Our team of auto body repair experts have some answers as we do keep up on all the latest vehicle trends. We found that some brands such as Mercedes, Tesla, and BMW are in the process of or have already released self-driving vehicles, capable of limited functionality designed for highway usage. But when exactly is the mass takeover of our roadways by computer driven cars going to happen?

What Level of Autonomy Are We Talking About?

First off, let’s talk about what defines self-driving vehicles. Many vehicles on the road today have automated features such as braking and assisted steering. But these are limited in scope and do not present the driver the option of true disengagement. Fully autonomous vehicles take the driver from point A to point B and are capable of handling all situations which may arise on the road. In other words, falling asleep at the wheel is encouraged.

Although the technology is in place, insurance and regulatory companies are still hashing out the details of how to handle this new method of driving. Estimates place the release date of fully self-driving vehicles around 2019-2020. Self-driving vehicles which are capable of transporting things without an operator, on the other hand, are a ways off.

Predictions by Experts

High ranking members of GM, Ford, and Volkswagen have all publicly stated that they believe self-driving vehicles will be deployed by 2020. However, it was clarified that these vehicles will not be able to drive everywhere. Urban areas with good GPS coverage and maintained roadways will be the easiest for self-driving vehicles, while more rural areas pose additional challenges in technology.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, has stated that he is planning to release a fully automated, fall asleep and wake up at your destination style vehicle, by 2023. And being that Tesla has already released a vehicle capable of self-driving on the highway, safe bet he’s right.

The Takeover of Self-Driving Vehicles

Most experts in the field estimate that by 2030, autonomous vehicles will make up the majority of our road traffic. Ubers will be self-driven and low cost, driving down personal vehicle ownership and changing the way we think about transportation. Self-driving vehicles are proven to reduce fatalities and make driving safer. No matter who you talk to you, a driverless future is close at hand.

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 What will you do on your commutes when you no longer need to drive?

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