Understanding Road Signs

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understanding road signs No matter what road you are driving on, a variety of signs are there to keep you safe, informed, and your vehicle on the road. Road signs play a huge role in keeping motorists safe and minimizing traffic on our roadways. Our Aurora auto body shop is here to give you the breakdown of what types of signs make up the wide array you will find on our nation’s roadways.

Regulatory Road Signs

These are the most important signs for safe driving. Regulatory signs include stop signs, speed limit signs, one way signs, and anything else related to regulating traffic. Not following them generally means you will get a ticket. Regulatory road signs are generally red, white, and black, signaling that they mean business.

Warning Road Signs

These road signs are generally yellow and black and are there to inform you of conditions of the road. Whether it is referring to lane usage, indicating speed to use for a curve, or warning against slippery conditions or deer, these signs are there to keep you safe or warn you of something coming up in the roadway. Advisory speed limit signs (yellow and black) are not enforced by the government and exist as a recommendation for safe driving, meaning you cannot get a ticket from them.

Marker Road Signs

Marking roadways, major highways, and directions, these signs are there to help keep you on track. They are generally white and black, green and white, or red and blue if it is an interstate marker. We’ve all been on that long highway wondering if we’re still on the same road; it sure is nice to see a marker sign reaffirming that you are indeed headed the right way.

Guide Road Signs

Indications for hotels or airports are generally represented on guide signs by a variety of easily identifiable symbols. Generally placed at intersections or next to exits, these help you make sure you are headed towards your destination of choice. They also are a great way to know for sure if there is gas at the exit you are getting off at.

Cultural Road Signs

Cultural signs have been increasing in recent years and are used to indicate places of cultural interest. Whether it be a museum, ski mountain, or recreation area, these signs will let you know they are nearby and that it might be worth stopping and stretching your legs.

Pay attention to the signs and there’s no telling what you might fun. Drive safe and keep exploring!

How to use this information

Although signs do a great job of keeping us safe, you can’t be prepared for everything. Whether it’s a deer popping out when you least expect it or a stop sign that you just didn’t see, the reality is that sometimes accidents happen. If you have recently had a collision and are in need of repairs, be sure to give Accurate Auto Body a call at 303-344-2122 or contact us through our website and we’ll be happy to help.

Which type of signage would you like to see on the roads?

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