Denver Snow Tires: Do You Need Them?

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Snow Tires for Denver, Colorado It is that time of the year when we begin the great Denver snow tire debate. Many of you will be looking into whether or not to buy snow tires for your car. So, for those that are considering snow tires, your auto body repair team at Accurate Auto Body Shop in Aurora, Colorado wanted to help you understand what to consider when it comes to snow tires.

To Buy or Not to Buy Snow Tires in Denver

Living in Denver does present some challenges when considering snow tires. If you drive an all-wheel or 4-wheel drive vehicle that has good all-terrain tires, you may not need tires designed specifically for snow. But, if you have a smaller, two-wheel drive vehicle, you may want to consider buying some snow tires. But, it will largely depend on how and where you typically drive. For example, if you only drive about a half hour between home and work, you may not need them. But, if you find that you typically go up and down hills, even to and from work, you may want to consider some snow tires.

Things to Know about Snow Tires

All snow tires will provide a better grip on the snow and ice than your all season or all terrain tires. But, technology around snow tires, or winter performance tires, has changed over the years. For example, in the past, snow tires have been associated with clunky and noisy rides. While studded snow tires are still noisy, the best stud-less tires actually roll very quietly and comfortably.

Durability of snow tires has always been a bit of issue. Snow tires do tend to use softer rubber to create better gripping. As a result, they do wear out more rapidly than your traditional all-season or all-terrain tire. But, the best snow tires will last about 20,000 miles, which should be more than adequate for three winter seasons.

Lastly, many snow tire models do not carry a tread-ware warranty. But, some of the higher end models will have up to a five-year warranty against defects.

What Kind of Tires Should I Buy for Denver’s Snow?

As you know, if you are driving up to the mountains and you do not have an all-wheel or 4-wheel drive car, you are required to have snow tires or chains. But, if you are just driving around town and you want the extra grip for snow and ice, a good winter performance tire will likely suffice as we tend to have more dry wintery days. Winter performance tires are great snow tires for areas where you have the occasional need of driving through snow or over ice, but where heavy snow accumulations are not typical. Usually, these tires so also provide you a quiet and comfortable ride, even when driving in dry pavement.

Buy All Four Tires

If you are going to buy tires, buy all four. Some people think that if they only buy two for their drive axel that it will suffice. However, this can be very dangerous. When two wheels grip the road and the other two do not, you can easily pinwheel and lose control of the vehicle.

How to Use This Information

Again, here in Denver snow tires may not be an absolute necessity depending on your needs and how and where you plan on driving. But, they can be helpful and make you safer when driving on ice or snow packed roads in the winter. All snow tires are not the same, so do consider your options when weighing your needs. And, should you ever need our assistance when it comes to collision repairs, dents or paint, call us at 303-344-2212 or schedule an estimate appointment online.

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