Teen Tips for Winter Driving

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teen tips for winter driving When it comes to winter driving, it can be tough on everyone. But, it can be especially difficult for your teenager who is still getting use the idea of driving. To help you and your teen stay safe, your auto body repair team has put together some teen tips for winter driving.

Winter Driving Tips for Teens – Start with Demonstration

Before setting your teen loose on the road with the snow flying, take advantage of a snowy day where you can drive around with your teen in the passenger seat. Go anywhere you want to -be it the grocery store, to a movie, or the mall. The important thing is, while you are driving, you actively discuss specifically what you are doing while driving in the snow. Talk about things such as:

  • Not driving too fast
  • Giving yourself more room between cars
  • Not braking rapidly
  • Not accelerating rapidly
  • Being extra cautious at intersections in case other cars can’t stop
  • Keeping your wipers going and using washer fluid

Having these conversations while letting them see how you are doing it, will help them see and hear the tips.

Winter Driving Teen Tips – The Vacant Lot

Find a vacant parking lot where your teen can drive in the snow with you. Use this time to alternate driving so you can demonstrate things like starting and stopping in the snow and ice. This time is about just allowing your teen, in a safe area, to get used to how the vehicle handles in the snow.

This is also an opportunity to show your teen driver how to handle a skid. This can be a little scary at first, but the more your teen gets familiar with skidding, the safer they will be. Remember, if the rear tires skid to the left, you need to also turn the wheel to the left to align the tires (while not braking). This is called turning into the skid and a vacant lot is a great place to practice this skill.

Teen Tips for Winter Driving – Short Trips

When you feel your teen has mastered the snow covered parking lot, then move to real roads. This can be easy drives on roads they are familiar with. Perhaps you can do short drives in the snow to their school and back home as this is likely the route they drive most often. Or, if you live in a subdivision, doing a short drive around your neighborhood is another good place to start.

Teen Tips for Winter Driving – Praise and Confidence

Offer praise and be confident (even if you are terrified on the inside). They are going to make some mistakes at first, but offering praise will go a long way in boosting their confidence in these conditions. And, if they see you as being confident during winter driving and while teaching them, they too will feel confident.

How to Use This Information

When it comes to teaching your teen to drive, it can be very nerve-wracking. But, it can be especially nerve-wracking when teaching them to drive on snow and ice. Few people like driving in winter conditions, but it is a reality of living where we do. The more exposed your teen is to driving on ice and snow (and the more time you can take to teach and guide them), the safer they will be. And, should you need our help if you or your teens get into a little fender bender, give us a call. We will have your car looking like new thanks to our team of auto body experts. Call us at 303-344-2122 or schedule an appointment online.

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