Caring for Your Car’s New Paint Job

Posted on: January 10th, 2017 by Accurate Auto Body Shop 2 Comments

Taking Care of New Paint Job

Painting Your Car? Here are a Few Paint Job Tips

When it comes to taking care of new paint job, there are several things to keep in mind. As your team of auto body repair experts, we do more than just collision repair. We are a leader for Denver car refinishing with factory trained specialists in color matching. While often collision repair requires new paint, a lot of paint work we perform is also due to the fact that we live in Colorado where vehicle paint can take a beating from high-intensity sun, hail as well as winter road treatments. Taking care of a new paint job is very important, especially in the first month.

Taking Care of New Paint Job –  The First 30 Days

Wash Car by Hand – During the first 30 days of a new paint job, try and avoid using a commercial car wash and, instead, wash your car by hand. Oftentimes, commercial car washes use stiff brushes that can mar the finish and cause damage to your new paint.  When washing your car, find a shady spot, and use a soft sponge and cool water.

No Dry Wiping – We know it is hard to resist the urge to just wipe off that fine layer of dust of pollen. However, dry wiping on a freshly painted car can cause scratches on the finish. If you have some fine dirt you wish to get rid of, simply rinse it off with clean water.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures – This can be easier said than done as we live in a state defined by extreme shifts in weather. But, you will want to try and avoid exposing your vehicles new paint to extreme cold or heat in the first 30 days. Try and park your car in the shade as this can help protect your car from such extremes.

Trees are Not Your Friend – When parking, stay away from parking under a tree. Find another source of shade as trees can drip sap on your car. Also, trees attract birds. And, for some reason, bird droppings are attracted to new paint jobs. Acid from bird droppings will eat through the new finish and damage the surface.

Rinse Spills Immediately – We know accidents happen. If you accidentally spill gasoline, oil, antifreeze, or wiper fluid on your new paint, immediately rinse it off with clean water. Again, do not simply wipe it off as it could create scratches on the finish.

Avoid Gravel – This should go without saying, but we have seen many paint jobs damaged due to driving over gravel surfaces. Gravel can easily get turned up by your tires and chip your paint.

Taking Care of a New Auto Paint Job –  The First 90 Days

No “Wax On” nor “Wax Off” – Do not listen to Mr. Miyagi! We know you will want to keep that shiny paint job looking fresh. But, in the first 90 days, avoid waxing and polishing your car. This will help the finish completely dry and harden.

How to Use This Information

If you just had a new paint job on your car, we hope this information helps. And, if you are considering new paint, our team can help get your car’s paint looking showroom new. Our factory trained technicians are among the top experts in refinishing and color matching. Call us at 303-344-2212 or contact us online.

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  1. Tex Hooper says:

    Great tip about rinsing spills from your car. My van needs a new paint job. I’ll have to consider getting an auto shop to do a custom paint job.

  2. Wash Car by Hand – During the first 30 days of a new paint job
    This is so important to extending the life of your new paint job.

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