Buying an Electric Vehicle?

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buying an electric vehicle So, you are thinking about buying an electric vehicle. That is great! There have been a lot of advancements in just the past couple of years when it comes to electric vehicles. And, certainly, here in Denver, we are seeing a lot of charging stations popping up to accommodate electric vehicles. As your Denver auto collision repair experts, we have explored some items to consider when buying an electric car.

Electric Vehicle Incentives

When buying an electric vehicle, there are special incentives available to you for purchasing an electric vehicle. Some are tax credits and others are purely perks. However, there are some tax credits that are up to $7,500 depending on your vehicle. Also, some places offer free or preferred parking for electric vehicles.

Electric Vehicle Battery Myths

There are some myths that within a few years of purchasing an electric car that the battery will fail and owners must pay a fortune to have it replaced. And, sure, there are some outliers where that may have occurred, but most electric vehicle batteries are stable and last a long time. Yes, there will be slight decreases in battery range as the car ages, but most manufacturers have battery warranties in the range of eight years and 100,000 miles. Most of these warranties also include battery replacement in cases of above average range reduction.

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Electric Vehicle Tips – Install a Home Charger

While some studies show that electric cars have a lower total cost of ownership than gas-powered vehicles, sometimes they do not account for the need to have a home charger installed which can cost about $1,000. If you do get an EV, you will want an off-board charger installed as it can deliver 240 volts of electricity which greatly reduces charging time.

Electric Vehicle Range Considerations

Most electric vehicles will get you about three miles per kilowatt-hour. Of course, that varies depending on your car and how you drive. But, for most EVs, a fully charged battery will get you about 80 to 100 miles. That is adequate for about 90 percent of you who live and work in Denver. You will find that you need to plan trips a little bit more and be more aware of those impromptu trips.

How to Use this Information

When it comes to electric vehicles, you will need to weigh your lifestyle and driving habits to ensure they are the right fit for you. You will alway want to consider gas versus electric and see what works for you. But, for many people, they are a great choice and save you at the pump while being more environmentally friendly.  That being said, if you find your electric vehicle in need of auto body repair, whether from a collision or hail damage, give us a call at 303-344-2212 or contact us online.

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