What is Paintless Dent Repair?

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paintless dent repair

Car Hail Dent Damage and Repair

As we approach Colorado’s hail season, we are sure that some of you will be in the market for dent repair. And, while we would never wish hail damage on anyone, we do want you to know that we are experts at paintless dent repair, which is a technique used to repair your vehicle from hail damage. That being said, we often get asked, what exactly is dent repair without paint.

Definition of Paintless Dent Repair

The best definition of paintless dent repair is a method of repair commonly used for minor dents in cases where the damage from the dent leaves the paint surface intact. It is common for hail damage to be repaired using paintless dent repair, but is can also be used to repair common door dings, large dent, or even bodyline damage.

Essentially, paintless dent repair is a precision repair where, but using metal rods, our technicians gently massage the dent out. We carefully push out the dents from the underside of the body panel and the blend high spots in order match your vehicle’s actual texture. Using a light board, we are able to see precisely where to place our tools to message out the dent and restore the surface to its original condition. It is, indeed, precision repair! But, there are limits and regular dent repair is required if:

  • The dent has created a fracture in the paint surface
  • The dent is an area such as under bracing of the hood or trunk
  • Or in situations where it is a large dent or creases where the sheet metal is stretched

How to Use this Information

We do hope that you escape hail season unscathed and dent-free. But, if you should encounter a ding or two, or have a bad day in a parking lot, we can help. We do more than just collision repair. Let us take care of those annoying dents.  Call 303-344-2212 or contact us online.

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