How to Remove Haze from Headlights

Posted on: March 20th, 2017 by Accurate Auto Body Shop 2 Comments

remove headlight haze

Remove Headlight Haze With Simple Trick

Ever get the feeling that it is getting darker and darker while driving at night? Well, it may not be you, nor any contributing factor of diminished eyesight. It could be haze building up on your headlights. And, this haze on your headlights can contribute to car accidents as it can reduce your optimal field of vision while driving. As your auto body repair team, we take a look at a surprising way to remove haze from your headlights.

Why Do Headlights Get Foggy and Hazy

Most headlight covers are made of plastic. The sun gives off strong UV light that wreaks havoc, not only on your skin (ouch, sunburn!), but also on cars, including paint and, especially, plastic. Living at altitude here in Denver, we get even more intense UV light which can rapidly take its toll on headlight covers. Also, just driving will cause scratches on your headlight covers and create pits and chips.

As a result, a lot of car experts recommend replacing your headlight covers when they get especially hazy. Or, you can have the covers sanded and polished, and then apply sealants and UV protectant. This can take a while, but it is cheaper than buying and installing new covers. But, there is another way to clear the headlight haze, and the solution is likely sitting right by your toothbrush.

Toothpaste to Remove Headlight Haze

If you do not want to invest in expensive headlight cleaners and the process required to use them correctly, toothpaste could be an option to help clean your headlights. Simply take a rag and apply a small amount of toothpaste to it. Then rub it into the headlight cover in small circular motions until you are done. In most cases, you will see a significant improvement, but if your headlight cover is deeply scratched and has a lot of chips, the cheap toothpaste trick may not be your best bet.

Why Does Toothpaste Work on Headlights?

Toothpaste does seem to work, as most pastes themselves are gentle abrasives. As a result, it is a good polishing agent. You will want to avoid pastes that have things like cooling crystals, as those can create scratches. Just use a simple whitening toothpaste. Also, toothpaste can fill minor scratches on your headlights.

How Long Will Toothpaste Keep My Headlights Clean?

Toothpaste cleaning is only temporary and will not last as long as some of the more expensive cleaning alternatives. But, it will last anywhere between two to four months, and then you may want to clean your headlight covers again. Still, it isn’t bad for a simple medicine cabinet remedy for your car. You may apply a clear coat or wax to block the UV rays if you wish to get a little more time out of this cheap fix.

How to Use this Information

When it comes to foggy and hazy headlights, there are a lot of ways to clean them. We hope the old toothpaste trick will help you, and keep you safer while driving at night. If you should need auto body repair or even a new paint job or hail damage repair, we are here for you.  Call 303-344-2212 or contact us online.

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  2. It was interesting to me when you mentioned that toothpaste can be a good option if you don’t want to invest in expensive headlight cleaners. With that in mind, it could be a good idea to take your car to a mechanic if you have cloudy headlights that need to be fixed. Taking your car to a mechanic makes sense because you wouldn’t be risking making things worse.

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