Cars that Talk To Each Other

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Vehicle to Vehicle Communications Vehicle to Vehicle Communications

Anyone who has seen the movie Cars knows that cars can talk with one another. In fact, Lightning McQueen sounds a lot like Owen Wilson! Also, KITT from Knight Rider had the ability to talk, too. But, apparently, other vehicles are learning to talk with another with vehicle to vehicles communications. As your Aurora auto body repair shop, we take a look at vehicle to vehicle communications (V2V) and what it means for drivers.

What is Vehicle to Vehicle Communications

All kidding aside, V2V is not KITT or Lightning McQueen. But, it is a new technology that the Cadillac CTS sports sedan is offering. It allows these cars to share information with other nearby cars (and their drivers) on nearby driving conditions. This includes communicating information about weather, speed, sudden braking, traffic congestion, accidents and more. This is a wi-fi like technology that is rolling out and will expand. The plans are that it will become standard on every new car.

Why V2V Communications?

The objective behind V2V, real-time communications is to help keep drivers safe. The theory is that it will help keep drivers be more aware of conditions that are beyond their line of sight. Eventually, it could be the key to the concept of car “platooning” which will all for packs of cars that are in communication with one another to drive closer together without slowdowns or accidents.

However, the real breakthrough in this technology is in warning of impending collisions. While many cars use radar to warn drivers of nearby objects, they only work a few car lengths ahead and cannot see through the nearest obstruction. With V2V wi-fi like connections among cars, nearby vehicles are, essentially, network together, so the cars can warn the drivers of impending danger that is further away or that is obstructed.

Adoption Will Grow

The adoption of this technology looks like it will grow. While the 2017 Cadillacs will have few cars to talk to at the start, current studies on the technology look very promising. Testing on has been taking place for over five years, and it actually seems to be more widely accepted that V2V is, at this stage, more reliable than autonomous, self-driving vehicles, which rely on sensors and cameras that have been shown to be fooled by weather. So, while you may not yet have a car that can drive you two work, you could have a car that is networked with other cars that help keep you safe.

How to Use This Information

Even if you, eventually, drive a car equipped with V2V technology, there will still be accidents. You will still need to stay alert and rely on your own senses. And, if an accident occurs we can have your car fixed and looking new. Call us at 303-344-2212 or contact us online.

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