Where Do Car Dents Come From?

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car dents Have you ever walked out to your car to discover dents and wondered where they came from? If you live in Colorado, you know that hail happens. In fact, we have more hail damage insurance claims than any other state. Whether it is the roof of your house or your car, chances are if you live here that you will experience hail repair. But, as your paintless dent repair experts, we see a lot of car dents from causes other than hail. Some are memorable, such as when a kid used his Dad’s Toyota as a BB gun target, and others more common. We thought it would be fun to outline where car dents come from.

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Common Causes of Car Dents

Parking Lot Mayhem

Cars do not like parking lots. They are a breeding ground for car dents much like ponds are for mosquitos. If you find a dent on the side of your car, look no further than that last trip to the grocery store. In parking lots, cars are simply packed too close together. Slots are never wide enough for giant sized SUVs. As a result, when the doors open, they impact your car.

Also, shopping carts are a big problem. People rarely take the time to put the cart in the corral or take it back up to the store. As a result, they sometimes shoot across the parking lot and do not stop until they hit your car.

Sports Games

Kids sports are a big deal here along the front range. Almost all of us go to soccer or baseball games. And believe it or not, we see the damage to the cars that park too close to the field. Especially with baseball season and foul balls that not only put a big dent in the car but also destroy windshields. Please ensure, when going to games, you avoid parking in foul ball territory. At soccer games, don’t park behind the goals.

But, it is not just baseball and soccer. Golf is another sport that doles out its fair share of car dents. Just because you are parked safely in front of the clubhouse, do not underestimate the talent of weekend hackers when it comes to slicing a shot off the 18th tee. Trust us, we have seen the damage!

Automatic Car Washes

Those car washes at the gas station seem convenient for that quick wash after getting fuel. But, beware. Those washes are not as well maintained as regular car washes. If a car before you goes in with a lot of dirt and debris on the car, it is possible for the bristles to lock in the little rocks. Then, when it is your turn in the wash, the rocks get propelled into your car.

Also, the washers that used a conveyor to pull your car through the wash, can result in some minor bumps. This usually happens when the person in front of you does not get their car into gear when they are done with the wash and just sits there, while the conveyor belt pulls you into the back of their car.

How to Use This Information

Dents are going to happen. Some of you can live with a little dent or two. But, for more severe dents, you will want to get it repaired. We are experts at dent repair and paintless dent repair. If dents should strike, call us at 303-344-2212 or contact us online.

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