Car Paint Tech Tricks You Need to Know

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car paint tech With automobile technology getting more advanced by the day, it’s really no surprise that the advancements are impressive for the technical experience both inside the car and out. Inside your vehicle you have smart driving systems, increased bluetooth connectivity, and ease of use tools that enhance your driving experience. Externally, however, there are also a whole host of improvements and technological advancements that make your life as an automobile owner much easier.

As your Denver car refinishing experts, we know that some of the biggest advancements in external vehicle technology come in the form of car paint tech. We’re not talking about custom LED messages that slide across the side of your vehicle – at least not yet. But there have been plenty of advancements in car paint tech in recent years that truly take a weight off your shoulders.

Self-Cleaning Paint

You know how every time you think about taking your car through the car wash, it suddenly feels like the last thing you want to do? Well, with Nissan’s latest car paint tech, those begrudging trips to the car wash may be a thing of the past. According to Huffington Post, the new paint coat developed by Nissan, is capable of warding off waters and oils as well as “mud, rain, and everyday dirt.” Now that’s the kind of paint technology we can get behind.

Scratch-Resistant Paint

Another breakthrough from Nissan came in 2008 when the automotive company started to roll out vehicles featuring their “Scratch Shield” paint, and its tech is truly impressive. Simply by driving your vehicle as you would normally, you’re helping repair any surface scratches you may have procured on the road. According to Huffington Post the paint “contains a synthetic resin that, when activated by daytime heat and sunlight, flows into surface wounds, repairing the damage in anywhere from a day to a week, depending on temperature and the depth of the scratch.”

Sunlight-Resistant Paint

Many of the paints that are on the market today for vehicles have an amazing ability to avoid sun damage with UV-resistant coating. This kind of car paint tech keeps the paint from breaking down or oxidizing with UV rays and prevents it from etching due to bird droppings, etc. for much longer than your average paint coat.

As automotive technology continues to increase with each passing year, it will be interesting to see what the car paint tech world brings us next. Paint that changes colors in different temperatures? Paint that is resistant to hail damage (wouldn’t that be nice)? There’s a world of possibilities and with each new advancement, your options as a vehicle owner get better every time.

How to Use This Information

Choosing the right paint for your vehicle is a careful balance of performance, color, and technological add-ons. If you’re curious about these different paint technologies and want to see what’s available to you, give us a call at 303-344-2212 or visit us online. We’d love to help you choose a paint that suits your needs for a price that won’t break the bank.

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