Be Alert! Kids Are Back to School

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back to school driving tips Back To School Driving Tips

The kids are back to school, another year of learning has commenced, and if you haven’t noticed already, traffic patterns have changed. Those blinking lights in school zones have come back on, buses are everywhere, and so are the little ones. To keep everyone safe, we thought it would be a good time to revisit some of the top back to school driving tips for parents and teen drivers alike.

Respect the Bus

Perhaps the biggest back to school driving safety rule is to always adhere to the blinking lights and stop signs on the big yellow school buses. Not only is it illegal not to stop when a bus has its lights blinking and its stop sign out, it’s necessary to keep kids safe. When a bus driver stops at a designated stop, children exiting the bus may be crossing the road, and some may go around the bus to do so. By staying put until that stop sign retracts and the lights stop flashing, you’re helping save lives and letting kids feel safe as they make their way home after school.

Adhere to School Safety Zone Limits

When you’re in the middle of rush hour and you’re trying to get somewhere in a reasonable amount of time, we get it, those slow down signs in school zones are frustrating. But really, it’s all about safety. In a school zone, there’s an increased chance of a child running across a street to get to school on time, or when a parent might be slowing down to get to a safe space to drop their little one off. Slowing down and being alert is key to making sure everyone gets to school and work safely. Just consider it a little extra time to rock out to your favorite jams in the car.

Practice Car Pool Safety

If you’re carpooling (a great idea in Colorado, we highly recommend it!), it’s important to make sure all your carpool members are following the rules of the road. The biggest box to check here is seat belts buckled, which should be easy as long as you’re not over-filling your carpool roster (another box to check – two semi-full cars is better than one over-filled one).

How to Use This Information

Safety is always important on the roads, but when school starts back up, there are a few added hazards and things to look out for. Just stay alert and follow the law to keep everyone safe and happy. And, if you should have need of any auto body repair, keep us in mind. Give us a call at 303-344-2212 or contact us online. We’d be happy to help.

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