Fixes Before Selling Your Car

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what to fix before selling a car What to Fix Before Selling a Car

When it’s time to sell your car, you want to make sure you get the most money possible. If only it were as simple as snapping a few photos and putting it up for sale. Whether you’re planning on selling it yourself or taking it to a dealer for an offer, there are a few “what to fix before selling a car” items you can do to help ensure you’re getting top dollar for your beloved road warrior. And, it goes without saying, if you need auto body repair, you should get that taken care of before selling your car if you are looking for top dollar.


Tires an important item when thinking about what to fix before selling a car. If your vehicle is in need, replace the tires to up the resale value. Whether or not you need to put new tires on the car before you offer it up, make sure you get the tires aligned. Improper alignment is one of the things someone will notice right away when they test drive a vehicle, so it can pay big time to make this small adjustment ahead of time.


This boils down to fundamental safety, which should not be overlooked when thinking about what to fix before selling a car. For whoever purchases your car, but it may also have a major impact on the value of your car. Fixing the brakes if there are any issues is a must-do before putting your car on the market again. Most buyers will high tail it out of there the second they hear grinding when they try to stop, so keeping brakes in tip-top condition is a biggie, especially if you’re planning on selling the car yourself.

Engine Repairs

Tires, brakes, and engine repairs are the big three that will often determine whether or not you get good cash for your vehicle. If there’s anything wrong with your vehicle’s engine, it absolutely needs to be taken care of if you’re hoping to sell for what your car is truly worth. No one wants to invest in a used car that’s going to cost them a big chunk above the asking price when the engine needs repaired just a couple months down the road.

Keep Maintenance Records

If you want to prove that your vehicle has been well cared for throughout your ownership of it, keeping detailed maintenance records may be another way to bring in some additional bucks for your trade-in or sell. A well-cared-for vehicle will run better for longer than one that frequently missed oil changes, ignored the little lights that come on in the dashboard and overall was not handled well.

There comes a time in every vehicle owner’s life where parting ways is the necessary next step. Whether your life and therefore driving needs have changed, you’re looking for a different style vehicle, or it’s just time for something new, you want to make sure you get the most out of the car that took you so many places while you had it. With these tips, you should be able to fetch a more than fair price for your prized possession and upgrade the way you deserve.

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