Great Fall Colorado Road Trips

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fall colorado road trips One of the coolest things about living in Colorado is getting to see the stunning Fall colors. When the aspens go gold, there’s nothing better than wrapping up in a sweater, filling a thermos with some hot chocolate, and heading to the mountains to take it all in. It’s quintessentially Coloradan, and we’re already getting excited about it. If you’ve never checked it out before, or you’re just looking for some new locales to give you a new perspective on it all, here are some of the best Fall Colorado road trips and places to see.

Maroon Bells

A truly iconic spot in Aspen, the Maroon Bells are breathtaking (not just because of the altitude) when Fall colors hit their peak. Of course, because it’s so legendary, you might want to call the hotline to check the status of the scenic area before heading out. You can reach them at the Maroon Bells Hotline 970-945-3319. Even if it’s a little crowded, it’s worth the trip to see that mountain lake and 14,000-foot peak towering in a panorama that will leave you feeling like you’re living in a painting.

The San Juan Skyway

This particular stretch of the Colorado Scenic and Historic Byway System is especially remarkable when the leaves start changing making it one of the best fall Colorado road trips. It’s hard not to feel like you’re starring in your own personal romantic comedy when you’re driving down a winding mountain highway surrounded by gold, red, and oranges as the expansive Rockies rise up around you. The San Juan Skyway is a great way to milk that road trip for all its worth. After all, sometimes the destination is nothing compared to the journey.

Telluride Gondola Ride

Telluride is gorgeous any time of year, honestly, but it shines something special in the autumn, making it one of the must-dos when it comes to fall Colorado road trips. The tiny mountain town, about six hours from Denver, has a free gondola ride that is beyond worth taking when the leaves start changing colors. The views are simply dazzling as you climb up, up, up into the mountains.

Peak to Peak Scenic Highway

If you’re looking for a day trip that keeps you a little closer to the front range but still offers those magnificent colorful views, try the Peak to Peak Scenic Highway, another section of the Historic Byway System a little closer to home. It winds through Estes, Nederland, Black Hawk, and Clear Creek until it finally hooks back up with the I-70. It offers some unique views and interesting sites worth stopping off for a photo or two while you stretch those road trip legs.

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Wherever you’re planning to soak in the mind-boggling Colorado Fall colors, please do be aware that some of the roads are windy and crowded. So, please stay alert at all times. And, if you do happen to get in a fender bender or find you need dent repair thank to scenic pull of parking lot (it happens),  give us a call at 303-344-2212 or check us out online.

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