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ces car tech 2018 CES Car Tech 2018

There’s nothing like stepping onto the floor of CES and stepping immediately into the future. And that’s exactly what happened this January in Vegas. The far-out, futuristic tech was all over the place, promising the vehicles of the future to be a lot more Jetson-like than we’ve seen in recent years. But some of the coolest pieces that will likely be making their way into the mainstream over the coming years? Here are some of our favorites.

Alexa Voice Integration

Alexa seems to be making her way into all the facets of our lives these days, and now being on the road is no exception. BMW, Ford, and Hyundai already have Alexa integration in some of their newer models, and now Toyota and Lexus are hopping on the personal home assistant bandwagon. This integration means that on your way home from work you can adjust your thermostat, turn lights on or off, preheat the oven and more before you even pull into the garage. Talk about making life easier.

Biometric Security

There have been tons of advancements in car-key technology, from keyless entry to remote start and so on, but with recent advancements in biometric security measures, your next car key may very well be your eyes. One of the wildest pieces of technology at the event this year was a vehicle that scans irises before turning the vehicle on. James Bond spy tech look out, we’re coming for you! This added level of security means a vehicle won’t turn on if you’re not an authorized driver, but it also leads to a level of convenience you might not have considered before. By adding retina scans, your vehicle could soon have the ability to adjust everything automatically for each individual driver. Seat, steering wheel, and mirror position could adjust when it detects which authorized driver is behind the wheel.

Artificial Intelligence

Though there’s no timeline for when this tech might actually hit cars beyond the conceptual phase, Toyota went next-level with an artificial intelligence experience that aims to get you more involved with where you’re driving, even on long trips. The AI talks with drivers about nearby landmarks, activities, and restaurants, etc. creating an immersive experience. Toyota plans to demo some version of this car timed with the Summer Olympics in Tokyo in 2020.


Ok, ok, so this isn’t a new concept, we know. But the pace at which it’s making its way to mainstream in small ways is worth noting. Varying driver-assist features like lane departure adjustments and automatic braking are fast becoming standard in so many vehicles. It’s just the beginnings of the automated car future that we’re likely heading toward.

The long and short of it is this – there’s a lot to get excited about in the automotive space these days. An industry that has always done it’s best to innovate but has stayed pretty much the same for a long time now is finally seeing massive, booming innovations in technology and we are so excited to see what comes of all these futuristic concepts.

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