Spring Car Maintenance Tips

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spring car maintenance tips Warmer weather has a lot of people realizing the get in, warm up, and go method of getting through winter driving might not cut it anymore. When the temps are low and you have to bundle up to get anywhere, it’s understandable that proactive maintenance on your vehicle occasionally falls off the radar. But now that we’re dealing with slightly more spring-like weather, it’s time to consider some basic spring car maintenance tips to ensure your vehicle is in working order and you’re not in for any unexpected surprises.

The Basics

If you haven’t over the winter (or even if you have!) it’s time to check up on those basics. Make sure your oil levels are good, or schedule an oil change if you’re approaching the mileage or date on that little sticker they give you. Check our air filter (or have them do it when they change your oil) and ensure all the basics are up to par and doing what they need to be.

Wiper Blades

Another one of the key spring car maintenance tips is around your wiper blades. Chances are, those blades have faced some weather this winter. Snow, ice, and rain are all commonplace in a Colorado winter, and the former two can be pretty rough on your wiper blades if you aren’t careful. Check your blades for any signs of wear and tear that might impact your windshield if you keep using them, and if they aren’t performing well or look a little ragged, it might be time to replace them.

Wash and Wax

It’s been cold, it’s been gray, and the idea of taking your car through the wash has been a miserable one. But now you’re dealing with dust, salt, and general grime build up and it’s time to get your vehicle washed and waxed. Left unwashed for too long, salt build-up can cause rust and other damage to your vehicle, so while it may seem like this one is purely cosmetic, it actually does hold some importance when it comes to your car’s ability to function properly. And hey, it doesn’t hurt to have your vehicle looking all spruced up again, either.

Deep Clean Interior

If you’re anything like us, it’s likely that the clutter that normally resides in your car has accumulated over the winter. That’s why, when you get the exterior cleaned up, it’s a good idea to do a deep clean on the interior as well. Spring cleaning shouldn’t just apply to your home, after all. Clear the clutter, vacuum, clean seats as needed and wipe down any surfaces that are looking a little lackluster. Maybe grab a new air freshener or two while you’re at it and next thing you know it’ll feel like you’re driving around in a brand new vehicle all over again.

Get Those Tires Spruced Up

The last of our spring car maintenance tips is about your wheels. Tires typically need some attention after a long winter with fluctuating temperatures and rougher road conditions. First things first, check your pressure. Most vehicles have sensors that will alert you when your tire pressure is low, but it doesn’t hurt to do a manual check after a long winter, either. This is also a good time to get your alignment and suspension checked just in case.

Taking care of your vehicle is always a year-round thing, but as the temps warm up, it’s a good idea to add a few extra things to the typical list so when you start planning those summer road trips, you don’t have to worry!

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