Classic Ballparks: Plan Your Trip

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classic ballparks

Baseball season has arrived and you know what that means – it’s time to start planning your dream list of fields and stadiums to visit before the season ends. There’s nothing quite as summery as enjoying a hot dog and nachos while sitting in the sun and watching a good, old-fashioned baseball game. It’s a historic pastime in America and along with the classic game comes countless (ok, you can count them – there are 30) gorgeous stadiums in beautiful cities around the nation to check out. As your Denver auto body repair team, we put together a line up below – with some gorgeous destination cities and some stunning stadiums with impressive history to check out.

Wrigley Field

I mean, come on – is it even possible to write a piece about classic ballparks without including this gem? One look at the ivy-covered walls and one step inside is all it takes to feel like you’re really, truly at a baseball game. There’s a lot of history in this field, and a lot of energy to go along with it. Whether or not you’re a Cubbie fan, this one is worth the trip – it’s a one-of-a-kind experience.

Petco Park

Ok, so maybe we mostly put this one on the list because San Diego is essentially heaven on earth, but can you blame us? It’s also a gorgeous park, and since San Diego has had a bit of a rough go what with the Chargers leaving and heading up to Los Angeles, it’s extra-important to get out there and support the city’s sports teams. Plus, similar to Denver, the craft beer selection is top notch.

Kauffman Stadium

Kansas City is a doable day-drive at just 8 hours from the Denver metro area, so we had to include this stadium on our list for those weekend warriors out there. And, hey, the stadium has a waterfall – that’s pretty cool, right? The home team may not be living up to the world-championship title they garnered a few years back, but it’s hard to pass up some classic midwest baseball and arguably the best barbecue you’ll ever taste.

Safeco Field

Look, we know, we know. The Mariners haven’t exactly been the most exciting team to watch in recent years, but isn’t a trip to Seattle worth it? Plus, the stadium itself is gorgeous and where else can you find a ballpark that offers sushi (fresh, edible sushi) to go along with your viewing experience? It’s a must-see (and a must-eat) regardless of how well the team itself may (or may not) be doing.

AT&T Park (Giants)

It’s almost annoying, really, how good San Francisco is at so many things. We tried not to bring AT&T park into this, really, we did, but we couldn’t help ourselves. It’s a classic, through and through. From the iconic Coca-Cola bottle feature to the unforgettable McCovey Cove in right field, all the way to stunning view of the bay, it’s hard to compete with this one.

Coors Field

Once you get home, why not take a trip to every Denverite’s favorite – Coors Field right here in downtown Denver. It doesn’t exactly call for a roadtrip, but it sure makes a good cherry on top moment to finish off your epic classic ballpark tour of 2018. What are your favorite fields and must-sees this baseball season?

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