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Being prepared for roadside mishaps or vehicle malfunctions is about more than having the tools necessary to survive in bad weather. It’s about being prepared all the time. As your auto body repair experts, we know that no matter how reliable your vehicle may be, there is always the chance that something out of your control happens when you least expect it. If you can’t anticipate the issues, you can at least feel confident that whatever may come, you’re ready to handle it without missing a beat. All vehicle owners should have a kit of necessary tools and supplies in their trunk or back seat at all times, but if you’re not sure what that kit should include, here are the essentials we recommend.

Jumper Cables

There’s a good reason this is number one on the list – jumper cables can mean the difference between you getting home safely or needing to call and wait for a tow truck. We suggest having a self-starting jumper cable kit so you don’t need another car there to help you out, but if that’s not doable, having at least a set of the cables themselves can be a total lifesaver in an unexpected non-starter situation.

First Aid Kit

This is just good sense. Whether you’re an adventurer taking your vehicle on endless excursions to risky places, spending your weekends hiking in the Rocky Mountains where hazards may trip you up or surprise you on your path, or you’re busy taking the kids to various sports and after-school activities all year round, a first aid kit just makes sense. Having one in the back of your car means you’re prepared for any on-the-go injuries that may occur.

Hazard Triangles/Flares

When your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, or even worse – on a busy road, you need to have the supplies necessary to keep you, and your vehicle safe and seen. Hazard triangles and flares will make this easy in either situation. Flares can help you find help when you’re in the dark or off the beaten path, whereas hazard triangles will allow you to set up a perimeter around your vehicle and alert oncoming traffic to the fact that something is abnormal up ahead. These two things can, quite literally, save lives on the road by keeping you and the vehicles around you safe and informed.

Tire Jack and Spare Tire

Flat tires, popped tires, tires leaking air too quickly to be sustainable. Those four wheels are what keep you rolling on down the road safely, and when something goes awry with them you need to be fully prepared to handle it. Having a tire jack and your spare tire handy are must-haves for every vehicle owner. Understanding how to operate the tire jack and change out your tire is also an important part of this item on the list. If you have the equipment but can’t do anything with it when the time comes, you may as well not have it in your trunk at all. Do a little research on how to change a tire and put a spare on – then do some test runs when you’re safely at your destination or in your own garage to ensure you become a tire-changing master should the in-the-field scenario ever pop up.


If you’re stuck in the dark, you’re going to need to see. And sure, your phone might have a flashlight, but do you really want that thing running out of battery quickly? Having spare flashlights and batteries in your trunk will make it much easier to see not only your surroundings but also what’s going on under the hood if you’re stranded in the dark.

Food and Blankets

Sometimes, the worst case scenario happens. It may be rare, but it does happen – you wind up stranded somewhere where it could take hours, maybe even days before someone finds you. If that should ever happen to you, you’ll be glad you had food and blankets in the trunk to keep you warm, nourished, and safe while you waited for help. Always keep your stock of snacks and food refreshed and filled, and consider adding a change of clothes to your blanket pile.

Being prepared for the worst lessens the blow when any version of it occurs, and while we hope that you never wind up in a situation where you have to use the kit in your trunk, you’ll be glad it’s all in there if and when you do. What are some of your trunk must-haves?

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