Why Summer Driving is Dangerous

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summer driving dangers Summer Driving Dangers

The dangers of driving in the winter are obvious and easy to spot, but did you know that driving in the summer can be even more dangerous? It’s true, though the reasons may not immediately be obvious. Icy streets and the prospect of breaking down in below-freezing temperatures is enough to frighten most drivers, but the deadliest months for being on the road are actually July and August. Don’t believe us? Consider these summer driving dangers when planning your next summertime road trip.

Tire Blowouts

Heat can do a number on your tires, and if you aren’t careful about ensuring the tread is acceptable and the air is filled to proper levels, you are much more likely to face the negative effects of a tire blowout. Depending on when and where the blowout happens, you could be putting yourself and other drivers in some serious danger.

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Increased Road Congestion

Summer is road trip season, and that means a lot more cars are on the road. Even when it’s not prime travel season, weekend trips and day treks to fun new trails and destinations are much more frequent on people’s agenda than they were in the winter. With more vehicles on the road, it makes sense that the chance of something going wrong would be on the rise as well. Unfortunately, distracted driving is still very much an issue. So many drivers still have their phones in hand and their eyes not on the road the way they ought to be. The key here is to stay vigilant. You can’t account for every other driver on the road, but you can make sure to stay alert and focused to help you react to potential issues more quickly and potentially avoid a devastating crash or pileup.

Teens on the Road

School’s out for the summer and that means there are more teens on the road than during any other time of year. Not all teens have a bad driving record, but it’s worth being aware of. Teens, on average, have far less driving experience than their adult counterparts, and less experience means a greater chance for something to go wrong. Add in the fact that today’s teens have often grown up with screens and cell phones in their hands almost constantly and you have a potential recipe for disaster.

Excess Heat

The sun beating down and the temperatures rising up may not seem like quite as big a deal inside a car with air conditioning and climate control, but the sunlight beaming through those windows and the sky-high temps during the dog days of summer can still cause problems for drivers, especially on long trips. If you’re going to be on the road for more than an hour, make sure you have water on hand to stay hydrated. Dehydration on long trips can lead to highway hypnosis and increased drowsiness, both of which are extremely dangerous when left unattended.

Summer, just like any other time of year, comes with its own set of dangers on the road. Being aware of what the big things to look out for are and keeping them in mind when you’re behind the wheel are important steps of being a responsible driver and keeping your vehicle working its best for longer. If you find yourself in a crash at the hand of any of these dangers, call the trusted team at Accurate Auto Body for collision repair and we’ll get you back on the road quickly without compromising quality of work.

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