Dealing With Kids While Driving

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Dealing With Kids While Driving Parents, you know how much driving can change when you have a little one in the car. What is normally a simple, easygoing drive can suddenly become much more hazardous with the distractions and more anxiety-inducing with the potential dangers posed to your kids. So how do you deal with your children while driving without putting you, them, or anyone else on the road in danger? Here are a few key tips for dealing with kids while driving (and avoid auto body repair).

Minimize Distractions

Distracted driving is dangerous 100% of the time, but the number of distractions increases when you have kids in the car. Besides the fact that kids themselves can be a distraction, you might have mirrors on the back of your seat that allow you to see the kiddos at all times, or they may have a favorite album they just HAVE to listen to at full blast, or toys that go flying halfway through the trip, resulting in a temper tantrum, or even little televisions on the back of the seats playing their favorite shows that would normally be off if they weren’t in the car. The list goes on, so minimizing your own distractions as much as possible is imperative to keeping you and your family safe on the road. Keep your phone out of sight and out of reach, and if your phone is connected to your car, make sure you aren’t spending a lot of time messing with the touchscreen on your dashboard. Get as many of the variable settings for your trip set and ready before you start driving. If you can minimize potential distractions from your children as well, do so. The less distracted you are, the better driver you’ll be.

Remember Your Training

We know, we know, driver’s ed was a long time ago. But what you learned there, or in subsequent driver’s tests you may have taken, is worth remembering. You know how they always told you to pull over if you were feeling sleepy or weather got too bad? The same thing applies for distracted driving, especially if your little one is causing a fuss and you’re tempted to turn around in the driver’s seat or take your hands off the wheel to deal with it. It’s better to find a safe space to pull over, deal with the situation, get back on the road safely, and arrive a few minutes late, than put yourself at the risk of a serious crash that will do more than just make you run a little behind for the day. We live in a world where it’s go go go all the time, so we understand wanting to save time, but it’s not worth it if multi-tasking behind the wheel comes at the risk of your family’s safety.

Get to Know Your Safety Seats

If your kids are young enough to still be in car seats or safety seats, it’s important to know the ins and outs of how to properly put these in your vehicle as well as how to properly strap your child into them. Get familiar with manufacturer instructions as well as expert opinions on things that will keep your child safest in the seat (i.e. most experts recommend leaving third-party attachments, covers, and clip-on toys off because they increase the risk of injury in the event of a crash). Most people know far less about the safety seats in their car and how they are intended to work than they need to ensure a safe ride for everyone in the vehicle. Pick up those pamphlets and manufacturer booklets – it’s time to freshen up your knowledge!

Keep Food Out of the Car

Letting your kids eat in the car might seem like a good way to pacify even the grumpiest of kiddos, but when you’re presenting them with a choking hazard and no adult is immediately available to address the situation if they do start choking, you’re allowing space for some very scary (and very dangerous) circumstances. Unless there’s another adult passenger there to supervise the eating, it’s best to just keep food out of the hands of your kids until you get home.

If driving safely with your children is a concern for you, these tips should help you breathe a little easier when you’re on the road with the whole family in tow. What have you done that helps you drive easier and safer with kids in the vehicle?

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