Where to Find the Best Fall Colors in Colorado

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Sure, September has started out pretty warm, but we all know fall is just around the corner. And with the crisper mornings will soon come the changing leaves. If you’ve lived in Colorado long, you know that the excitement around the fall colors peaks about this time of year, and for good reason. But if you haven’t planned your family trip to see those lush colors yet, here are some suggestions for gorgeous places to hit up.

North to South

Really, you’ve got a solid month or so to see the colors at their peak – it all comes down to how far you’re willing to drive. In northern areas like Steamboat Springs and Fort Collins, the colors are already starting to change. But when you head south, they’ll be at their peak in places like Durango and Alamosa closer to mid-October. Pick a weekend that works for you and plan accordingly.

Rocky Mountain National Park

This park is beautiful pretty much any time of year, but it reaches a stunning peak of beauty in the fall when the trails resemble postcards and paintings more than anything else. Rich reds, deep oranges, and the classic golden aspens create that perfect fall feeling in a well-preserved and cared for setting. If you only get to one place this fall, RMNP is an excellent choice.

San Juan Skyway

For the later weeks in the fall color show, the San Juan Skyway which takes you down to Durango and Ouray is an excellent choice. With breathtaking views of mountains, trees, and not a lot else, this scenic drive is worth the hours it takes to get there.

Boreas Pass

You can head south from Frisco and get through beautiful Breckenridge with this pass, or you can head outside of Nederland and get a good hike in at the Indian Peaks Wilderness, your choice. If you choose the former, don’t just stop at Breck. Drive further to Como, down an unpaved road where you can catch an unmatched view of the Blue River Valley surrounded with those postcard-perfect aspen leaves.

Best in Years

Though the colors are a little slow to change this year, rest assured you’re in for one heck of a show when they do. With the snow-filled winter, the wet spring, and the consistent rain throughout the summer, this season’s colors promise to be the “best in years,” many news stations are reporting. So whatever you thought you had planned for the next few weekends, maybe clear that calendar and get your camera ready for some truly stunning Colorado beauty.

If your fall color road trip doesn’t quite go as planned – maybe that Elk came out of nowhere, or you took that curve just a little too tight and fast and require auto body repair – the team at Accurate Auto Body is here to help get you back on the road safely and quickly.

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