Winter Driving Prep

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winter driving prep We’ve faced our first snow in the Front Range and now all of our minds are starting to wonder – when will winter rear its head again? When will it be here to stay? Before you bet on that office pool for the last day of fall, take a little time to make sure you’re prepared at home. As your auto body shop, we all know that road conditions can go from perfect to dangerous in no time at all in Colorado, so what do you need to know to ensure your vehicle is ready to make it through the season?

It’s All About the Tires

Tires matter big time when it comes to winter driving. If you’re wondering why we’ve got one word for you: Traction. It’s the big decider on whether or not you stay on the road or start skidding. Good traction means no problem sticking to the road where you’re supposed to, but traction gets tricky in the winter. Snow and ice both mess with traction and if you don’t have 1) the proper tires equipped to handle such weather and 2) the proper levels of inflation in said tires, you could be setting yourself up for a messy and potentially dangerous season.

Prepare for the Worst

It’s not the most optimistic way to look at things, but it is the best way to ensure you’re prepared no matter what. Consider your winter weather driving worst-case scenario. Got it? For most, it’s either crashed in a ditch or stranded with no idea of when you might find help or be able to get yourself out of the situation. We recommend preparing for both of these situations. Have an emergency kit put together and stored in your car before the weather gets bad. Include extra layers of clothing, food, water, a radio, portable chargers and batteries, spare tires, a snow shovel, hand and foot warmers, etc. Whatever you know you need in your kit to get through a night in your car stranded – pack that.

Visibility Matters

This goes both ways. You need to be visible to oncoming traffic and you need to be able to see while you’re driving. Are your headlights working? Are your wiper blades in good condition? What about your wiper fluid? Chances are you haven’t touched the latter since last winter, so it’s probably time to top up with some wiper fluid rated for –30 degrees. Make sure your back up, rearview, and any other external cameras your vehicle might have are cleared off and ready for your next trip. All of these things can help increase your visibility and increase your ability to see others on the road, no matter what the weather.

Give ‘Em Space

It’s a good idea to get in the habit of driving like its winter now. Practice staying a little further back from the vehicle in front of you. Giving adequate space year-round is a good idea, but it’s extra important when the weather gets dicey and a hard brake could cause a multi-car pile-up pretty quick. Getting in the habit now will help you avoid those kinds of mistakes when it really matters.

Thinking about and prepping for winter isn’t exactly the most exciting time of the year for many, but it’s a worthwhile endeavor. A little extra time spent thinking ahead and prepping now could save you money, time, frustration, and disaster in the long run. And, if you do have need of auto body repair, give us a call for a free estimate.

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