The Best Winter Luxury Features for Your Vehicle

Posted on: November 22nd, 2019 by Accurate Auto Body Shop No Comments

winter car features Winter is fast approaching, and when the cold weather hits we can’t help but take stock of all the glorious advancements in technology that have made winter driving less terrible over the years. If you’re looking to upgrade your vehicle or are shopping for a vehicle and are wondering what features are really worth shelling out extra money for, don’t forget to consider some of these! It’s easy to forget how valuable they are when you’re driving through a sunny, warm Colorado summer, but you’ll be grateful for the ones you have when we’re facing frost, snow, and icy-cold temperatures every day.

Remote Start

Ah, the ability to know that your vehicle will be warm when you get into it without having to go out there and start it up yourself. What a beautiful gift. Remote start is one of our all-time favorite features for that exact reason. Just don’t forget that if your car is in the garage, you need to open the garage door before you use that remote start!

Heated, Well, Everything

The number of things in your vehicle that can be heated these days is impressive. Heated seats are an obvious must-have and have been a staple for winter weather driving for a while now. But now you can also get heated steering wheels, heated side mirrors (because who wants to scrape those tiny things? It’s always such a hassle!), and even a heated windshield to keep ice from building up during a particularly treacherous drive. Heated seats might be our favorite, but if you have the opportunity to have more than just your seats heated, we say take advantage! Being warm and cozy even as a snowstorm rages outside is one of the best things about all these advancements. Give us all-heated everything and we’ll be happy.

Wiper De-Icers

If you’ve ever driven around with icy windshield wipers when the snow starts falling you know that it’s not only inconvenient, it can be downright dangerous. Having wiper de-icers eliminates that danger by keeping them from gathering ice and slush or getting frozen to your windshield. These are considered a luxury feature, but if it’s a doable luxury for you, we highly recommend it.

Winter Tires

Okay, this is less of a luxury feature and more of a non-negotiable in Colorado, but any chance we get to mention winter tires, we’re going to take. Make sure you have your winter tires on by now! After all, good winter tires can help you avoid auto body repair. The tread on them is different, and some even react differently to cold temperatures, increasing traction by temperature-activated features. There’s a big difference between what your summer or all-season tires can do for you and what winter tires do for you. It’s not just about function, it’s about safety.

All-Wheel Drive

This is pretty standard in most vehicles these days, but if you’re new to Colorado and wondering if you can get by without it, we wouldn’t recommend it. All-wheel drive makes driving in inclement conditions so much easier and less stressful.

Winter in Colorado, while fairly mild overall, can throw some serious curveballs your way. When the weather gets particularly nasty or cold, it’s nice to know that you’ve got options for making your drive better, warmer, and a lot more comfortable. What are your favorite winter driving features?

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