Planning a Roadtrip During COVID

Posted on: June 22nd, 2020 by Accurate Auto Body Shop No Comments

roadtips during covid

Summer is so often the time that families gear up and get ready for road trips. This year, things look very different for all of us. With air travel still not recommended unless necessary and self-quarantining still encouraged for those with weakened immune systems, Coronavirus has shifted how families might getaway this summer. If you’re itching for a little travel but unsure how to approach it amidst the pandemic, as your Denver auto body shop, here are some tips to consider.  

Pack Cleaning Supplies  

Everywhere you’re going to go right now is likely to have strict cleanliness guidelines to follow, but if you’re worried, or want to be able to clean, wipe, and sanitize as you go (especially if that road trip is including stops at multiple gas stations along the way), pack your own cleaning supplies! It never hurts to have extra sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer on hand.  

Don’t Forget Your Masks  

Wearing masks or face coverings that fully cover your mouth and nose is just good sense right now. It’s the first line of defense everyone has, and everyone wearing their masks does the most good toward keeping people healthy and safe, and COVID-19 on the decline. Whether you have disposable masks for your family or cloth, reusable ones, don’t forget to bring them along. It may not be on your usual pre-vacation checklist, but for your 2020 trips, it’s a requirement. 

 Prepare for Longer Waits  

Everyone is doing their best adjusting to the new guidelines, but because of social distancing guidelines and the state orders that require them, you should be prepared to have to wait a little longer than normal if you’re hoping to go out on the town wherever you’re visiting. It might ask quite a bit of your patience, but it’s just part of life these days.  

 Be Safe  

What “safe” looks like outside the necessary guidelines will look different for everyone, but following social distancing practices and washing your hands frequently should still be high on your list of priorities, even on vacation.  


Especially if you’re traveling to mountain towns where the pandemic first broke out in Colorado, but regardless of where you end up road tripping to, when you get home, self-quarantining for 2 weeks is the sensible thing to do.   

 At the end of the day, choosing to travel is still exposing you to more risk of the virus than staying put would. But if that travel bug just really has you itching, using these tips should help make your trip safer without taking all the fun out of getting away with your loved ones.   

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