Dent Repair After a Ski Weekend Fender Bender

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fender bender skiing If you are lucky enough this year to secure a reservation to hit the slopes, you still need to pack your patience as you take on I-70 traffic. Even with fewer skiers hitting the road this year, there are still plenty of backups and slow conditions because, well, it’s Colorado, and the interstate can get covered with ice and snow. This combination of poor road conditions and traffic is often a recipe for fender benders. We say fender benders, as most collisions in snowy conditions are not as severe as many collisions we see at higher speeds in the city. So, sometimes these fender benders result in more dent repair than anything else.

You Got Into a Fender Bender – Now What?

Even if you think the collision is minor and a simple fender bender, you will still need to follow all the same practices as a typical collision. These practices include:

  1. Make sure you are OK, and no one is hurt
  2. Pull off to the side of the road
  3. Exchange insurance information with the other party
  4. Get names and contact information from any witnesses that may have stopped
  5. Please take pictures of your vehicle and theirs with your smartphone as a precaution
  6. If the vehicle is drivable and there are no injuries, get back on the road
  7. If the damage is more severe or there are injuries, wait for the State Patrol and other emergency responders for help

Get Your Dent Repair Estimate

As we mentioned earlier, many collisions are fender benders, and some may be little more than requiring dent repair – especially if you can drive your vehicle down the mountain and get safely home. Once you are home, call your insurance company and file a claim. Then, you can find a reputable auto body shop to get an estimate.

A reputable auto body shop will not just take your word for it that you “just have a dent” after a collision. Expect that a good shop will assess if there could be more structural or suspension damage lingering under the dent damage itself.

Hopefully, it is Just a Dent

After you and your insurance approve the estimate, your dent repair work can get scheduled. If you were in a collision and the dent is large, you can expect more of a traditional auto body repair process, including new paint and color matching. If the dent is smaller, such as with hail damage, the auto body shop can often implement paintless dent repair.

If you found yourself in a weekend fender bender while going or returning from the slopes, give us a call. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have and get you scheduled for a free estimate. Call 303-344-2212 or fill out our free estimate form online.

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