Preparing for Late Season Heavy Snow

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March and April are the two snowiest months in Denver. This year’s March blizzard, officially the fourth largest in Denver history, underscored this point. So while you might be looking forward to summer, it’s important to remember that winter may still hold sway on Denver streets. Along with the increased snow comes an increased risk of car accidents.

How do you avoid being one of the many people who get caught in car accidents during these late season snowstorms? Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Understand the Nature of Spring Storms

Preparing for Late Season Heavy Snow First, it’s important to keep in mind that spring snowstorms are not like winter snowstorms. Spring snow is not just bigger, it’s wetter. And with the warmer temperatures overall, it usually starts melting as soon as it falls. This means you need to be prepared to drive on water and slush. Be aware of the risk of hydroplaning and watch for pools of water.

Remember: you can’t tell how deep a pool is just by looking. Heavy spring snows can carry a lot of water and damming by unmelted snow can create deep pools in unexpected places.

While the days might be warm, causing the snow to melt, the nights are still cold. This will cause the meltwater to freeze into patches of black ice. Often, the main road looks clear, but as long as there is snow or water along the edges of the road, ice might form anywhere when the temperatures drop.

Keep Winter Gear on and in Your Car

With as many warm days as we can have in spring, it’s tempting to take the winter gear off your car or free up space inside by removing things like snow shovels, sandbags, and more.

But that would be premature. There are likely several more snowstorms in our near future. Keep winter gear on or in your car until at least May—even later if you regularly head into the high country. Plus, remember, Colorado’s traction law is now in effect on I-70 continuously from the beginning of September to the end of May.

Keep Stocked Up at Home

One of the best ways to avoid an accident during a winter storm is to just stay home. When the roads are snowy or icy, try to eliminate unnecessary trips. You can eliminate a trip to the grocery store by making sure you have additional supplies on hand for a blizzard.

And remember: if you already dipped into your blizzard supplies during the March storm, it’s time to replenish them so you won’t be caught short in the next storm.

If You Were in an Accident Already

Unfortunately, this advice might come too late for some people. Accident numbers surged in March as people struggled to deal with the massive quantity of snow the storm dropped.

If you were one of the many people caught in an accident after this recent snowstorm, Accurate Auto Body can help. We know it’s hard to find a good body shop, so we make a commitment to quality that you can trust. Our Focus on You Service System™ is a promise we make to every customer. It includes a free estimate, guaranteed pricing, and a guaranteed timetable. Not only that, but we promise to fix it right the first time, ensuring you’re able to get back on the road faster and with fewer hassles.

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