Advanced Technology Systems and Collision Repair: What You Need to Know

Posted on: May 26th, 2021 by Accurate Auto Body Shop 2 Comments

advanced technology in a modern car The first cars were essentially wagons—boxes on wheels—with an engine doing the work of horses. These vehicles were dangerous, and the fatalities per vehicle mile were high. If we had the same level of fatalities per vehicle mile traveled in 2021 as in 1921, we would see about 780,000 people killed on the road. But thanks to safety technology, the actual figure is likely to be less than 40,000, nearly a 95% reduction.

However, this reduction in car fatalities comes at a price in advanced technology built into the car. This technology is delicate and can be damaged when your car is in an accident. There are several things to know about these advanced technologies when you take your car to get fixed after a collision.

Technology Is Distributed Throughout the Car

First, it’s important to understand that advanced technology in your car isn’t just located in a central computer. Cameras, RADAR, LiDAR, and more are located throughout the car. You can find it in bumpers, doors, wheel wells, and more, with dedicated sub-processors situated nearby to coordinate the systems needed to respond in an emergency. Some technology is either embedded in or attached to the windshield.

This means that what looks like a minor fender-bender could damage some of the advanced features on your car.

Repairing Technology Is Important

It’s also important to know that you should not neglect advanced technology when getting your car repaired after a collision. These systems matter, and they’re integrated. If you don’t repair all your advanced systems, the impact could be bigger than you think, and it might be unpredictable. Some systems, such as brakes, might not work properly if some of the advanced systems connected to them aren’t repaired properly.

Some repairs might also be required by your insurance company in order to continue coverage. This means that you should prioritize fixing these systems when take your car in for collision repair.

Not All Shops Can Make High-Tech Repairs

auto body shop repairing a vehicle with advanced technology It’s not easy for auto body shops to stay up-to-date when it comes to advanced technologies. Some shops are not capable of keeping pace with the growth of technology. Others may have decided to neglect advanced technology altogether. They focus on doing low-tech collision repair and might neglect the advanced systems or refer you to someplace else to get that part of the repair done.

When you’re choosing an auto body shop, ask them about their repair capabilities. Check to make sure they’ve been certified by auto manufacturers for advanced technology repairs, and make sure those certifications are current.

Advanced Technology Can Increase the Cost of Repairs

We mentioned above that advanced technology is the cost of reducing the risk of car accidents and fatalities. Ultimately, that translates into a cost in dollars when you buy a car – and when you repair a car. It can be expensive to repair the advanced technology in your car that’s been damaged by an accident.

The additional cost comes from many places:

  • Mechanics have to train to handle the advanced technology
  • High-tech repairs require high-tech tools
  • It takes time to diagnose the technology to determine what needs to be repaired
  • It takes time to replace delicate components
  • The components can be expensive to replace.

High-Tech Collision Repairs without Surprises

Accurate Auto Body is prepared to handle your high-tech repairs. We have iCar Gold Certification, with ongoing training to handle the most advanced systems. In addition, we have ongoing training from Honda and Toyota on their latest innovations.

At Accurate Auto Body, our Focus on You™ Service System means that we strive to eliminate surprises in your collision repair. We will give you a guaranteed estimate of both the time and money required to repair your car. We will also explain the estimate in a jargon-free way so you can understand what is being repaired and why, including advanced technology systems.

We will work around your schedule to make the repairs as convenient as possible, and we will work with your insurance company to make sure the true cost of repairs is covered according to the limits of your policy.

If you are looking for an auto body shop in Denver capable of high-tech repairs, please contact Accurate Auto Body today for a free quote.

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