How Long Does Auto Body Repair Take?

Posted on: August 27th, 2021 by Accurate Auto Body Shop 3 Comments

When you get in a car accident, you want to get your car repaired, but at the same time you need your car. You depend on it, and you don’t want to be without it for too long. Even if your insurance covers a rental for the repair period, it’s not the same.

So you want to know how long your repair is going to take before you bring the car in. Sometimes delays are related to insurance claims, but we work with your insurance company to minimize these. Then we try to get your car repair done as fast as possible.

Auto Body Repair Can Be Fast

The good news is that auto body repair can be very fast. Repairs to the car’s body can be accomplished in less than a few days. Paintless body repair can be quite fast. You will drop your car off and it might be done the same day. Even more extensive body work doesn’t take very long, until we start adding painting to the schedule.

Auto Painting Can Take Longer

painting a car during auto body repair Once your car needs to be painted, the length of time increases. This is just a matter of physics. Paint takes time to dry, and we need to add multiple coats. This means hours of work and hours of waiting.

When we add painting to the list of repairs, the time increases. It might still only be a few days, but it might be a few weeks.

Mechanical Repairs Are Longer

Another factor that can make your repair longer is if there are other components damaged in the accident. Mechanical repairs can take significantly longer for two reasons.

First, these repairs can be harder to accomplish. Old parts might have to be removed and new parts fitted in, which is not always as easy as it should be. The new components have to be tested and adjusted.

Second, it might be hard to get the necessary parts. If the car and/or component is unusual, we might have to order it, which can take days, weeks, or, unfortunately, months. Some parts are especially hard to get, thanks to computer chip shortages and international shipping delays.

It’s important to note that with modern advanced safety systems, there are sometimes components that can be damaged even if it seems like only minor body damage.

At Accurate Auto Body, You Can Count on Our Timing

Sometimes it’s just as important to know exactly how long a repair is going to take as it is to get a quick repair. At Accurate Auto Body, our Focus on You Service™ system includes a highly accurate estimate of the time your repair is going to take. We also work around your schedule. If a car is drivable and safe, you can keep it until we get the parts and/or are ready to start working on it. If we know we’re not going to be able to touch your car until next week, for example, we’ll tell you so that you can make the decision about whether to drop it off now or later. That ensures you won’t be without your car for very long, especially if you only need paintless dent repair.

We also provide you with a highly accurate estimate of the cost of repairs. With our I-CAR Gold Class certification and extensive experience in repairs, we know what to expect for many different auto body repairs. We won’t be surprised by what we find, and because we won’t be surprised, you won’t be either. We take time to find ways to make repairs as affordable as possible. We are also happy to explain all the items on your bill, and make sure you understand all the costs.

Want to get fast, accurate, and affordable auto body repairs? Please call 303-344-2212 or use our form today for a free estimate on the cost and time for your auto body repairs.

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    Thank you for the info about auto body repair. My friend wants to repair his vehicle. I’ll share this info with him as he looks for an auto body repair service.

  3. It really helped when you explained what affects the timeline of your car’s auto body repair service. Not long ago, my cousin’s car got damaged in a car accident, so he wants to take this opportunity to change its paint. That’s why I believe he’d be grateful to read your insight on how mechanic repairs increase your auto body repair.

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