Repair Options after Parking Lot Vehicle Damage

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Tens of thousands of parking lot accidents occur every year, accounting for about one in five accidents. Many of these collisions are minor, but some can be quite severe, and almost all of them result in some damage to one or more vehicles. So what are your options for getting repairs to your car after it’s damaged in a parking lot accident?

Repair Options After a Parking Lot Accident

auto body repair for parking lot vehicle damage Parking lot vehicle damage comes in many forms, so it’s possible you might need different types of dent repair, depending on the type of damage.

Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent repair is a way to repair minor damage to your car without having to paint the car. This involves using special techniques and tools to gently pop out dented sections of the car. This can be done quickly because there’s no need to paint the car, and this makes it a very affordable repair option for door dings, dents, and damage to the bodyline of a car.

Paintless dent repair can’t be used if the car’s damage coincides with structural supports for the car. It also doesn’t work when the paint is damaged or if the metal has been stretched.

Traditional Dent Repair

Traditional dent repair can involve many different steps. We might have to remove the entire panel, hammer out dents, add filler, grind the metal, and more. Often, it’s best just to replace the damaged part of the car.

In either case, it’s also necessary to paint the repaired part so that it matches the rest of the car. Color matching is something we at Accurate Auto Body are very good at.

Car Painting

Painting is often a part of traditional dent repair, but sometimes we have to paint parts of the car even if they haven’t been dented. Car doors are surprisingly effective at scraping paint off cars, and if you’re unhappy with an area of scraped paint, we can repaint it. We will make sure the new paint matches your old paint exactly.

Payment Options After a Parking Lot Accident

collision repair after parking lot car accident Necessary car repairs can sometimes get expensive, especially if safety technology or other advanced features of the car were damaged. Usually, people pay for their parking lot vehicle damage repairs in one of three ways.

The Other Driver’s Insurance

If your car was hit by someone in the parking lot and you managed to get their insurance information, their insurance might pay for your repairs. Although this might seem like a complicated arrangement, at Accurate Auto Body, we’re used to handling this situation. We can make it as easy for you as possible by dealing with the other driver’s insurance.

Your Insurance

If you didn’t manage to get insurance information from the other driver, you might have to put repairs for parking lot vehicle damage on your insurance policy.

Typically, these repairs are covered under either collision repair, which covers repair to your car regardless of diver fault, or uninsured driver insurance, an optional insurance that covers your car if the other driver does a hit-and-run on your car. We can help you understand your policy and communicate the necessary information to your insurance.


On the other hand, you might end up paying for repairs out of pocket. Perhaps your insurance won’t cover this damage for some reason, or perhaps you don’t want to involve your insurance company in a claim that is less than your deductible anyway. At Accurate Auto Body, we are happy to work with you directly as well.

Why Choose Accurate Auto Body for Repairs in Denver

If you’re looking to repair your car from parking lot damage in Denver or Aurora, take your car to Accurate Auto Body. Since 1991, we have been doing high-quality repairs for minor and major damage to all common makes and models of cars.

We are one of the most elite body shops in the area, with extensive training. Our mechanics have been Toyota Factory Trained and have been certified by Honda ProFirst Collision Repair, putting us in an elite category that only 4% of auto body shops can claim. In addition, we have achieved I-CAR Gold Class recognition for the level of training and the quality of repairs we perform.

Finally, we have an A+ rating with the BBB. This is because we satisfy our customers with the quality and speed of our repairs. When problems arise, we resolve them quickly to customers’ satisfaction.

You can also count on our Focus on You Service System™. This includes guaranteed pricing, guaranteed completion dates, and a willingness to work around your schedule to minimize the hassle of getting car repairs.

Please call 303-344-2212 or use our contact form to get a free guaranteed estimate on your repairs. Accurate Auto Body serves customers in Denver, Aurora and the surrounding areas of Colorado.

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