Safety Technology Considerations During Glass Repair

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auto glass repair Powerful new safety technologies are making our cars safer. Among the most effective safety technologies are forward collision warning (FCW) and automatic emergency braking (AEB). Studies show that some of these technologies could reduce your risk of collisions by about 50-80%, depending on the exact combination you have and the manufacturer. That means a lot fewer collision repairs for you.

However, when repairs do have to happen, they can be more expensive, sometimes in surprising ways. If your car has advanced safety features, even something as simple as repairing rock damage to or replacing your car’s windshield requires skills and technology to ensure it’s done properly. Otherwise, safety features might not work in the future.

Why Glass Repair Must Take Safety Tech into Account

mechanics repairing a damaged windshield It might seem like there’s nothing special about the windshield. It’s just a clear piece of glass. However, it’s much more than that. The glass itself needs to be especially clear and free from distortions. Even small distortions that you might not notice can be important to the cameras that help the system make its calculations and decisions. The result could be false positives, where your car issues a warning or even brakes unnecessarily. In some situations, the car might not see some potential hazards, which can reduce the safety system’s effectiveness, and make you more likely to get into accidents.

In addition, once the glass has been replaced, the safety systems will have to be calibrated again. This makes sure that they are functioning properly in the new configuration. As with glass replacement, if you don’t do the proper adjustments after windshield repair or replacement, you might also experience problems that could potentially make the system ineffective. This may result in issues such as providing warnings or braking suddenly without warning.

These problems could also arise if you get rock damage repaired with techniques that might cause visual distortions in the glass.

Manufacturers warn that replacing your windshield glass with an unapproved replacement could void your warranty.

If you want to make sure your car safety features continue to work as designed, you must work with an auto body shop that understands the advanced safety features of your car.

Accurate Auto Body Is Your High-Tech Body Shop in Denver

At Accurate Auto Body, we understand that high-tech features demand high-tech collision repairs. We have been factory trained in Toyota repairs. We are also among the only 4% of garages that qualify as Honda Certified auto body repair shops. This not only requires Honda specific repair information, but a high-grade auto body shop and top-notch customer service that benefits all our customers. We have also achieved I-CAR Gold Class recognition, showing that we meet the high standards of training for this elite certification.

In addition, we utilize our Focus on You Service System™ to ensure that every customer gets not only the best repairs, but also has the best repair experience at our shop. We will treat you with respect as soon as you enter our welcoming shop. We take the time to listen to your needs and concerns, and always try to meet them. In addition, we offer you guaranteed pricing and completion dates. When you get an estimate, you will know when your car will be ready and how much repairs are going to cost. We work hard to complete your repairs as quickly as possible, but we never sacrifice quality for speed. We will fix your car right the first time. Plus, we can work with your insurance company so you don’t have to, making for the easiest, fastest repair experience possible – at a guaranteed price.

To get a free estimate on your car’s repairs in the Denver and Aurora area, please call 303-344-2212 or use our online form today.


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