12 Vehicle Emergency Kit Essentials When Stuck in the Snow

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vehicle emergency kit Hopefully, you will be able to avoid getting stuck in the snow thanks to your snow tires, but if you do find yourself trapped in the car on a winter road, you will be happy to find you have these essential items in your vehicle.

Jumper Cables

Cold weather can do a number on your batteries. A battery that wasn’t giving you any trouble in the fall can leave you stranded in the winter cold. You should be carrying your jumper cables all winter long. Not only can this save you, it also puts you in a position to save somebody’s Christmas when they’re stranded at the mall.


When the snow hits, you can easily find yourself stranded if it’s too tall and deep for your car. You don’t want to be improvising a shovel from cardboard or digging with your hands in the snow. A compact, folding shovel will get you out of many bad situations.

Traction Aids

When you’re stuck on ice or slippery packed snow, it’s good to have something that can give your tire grip. Non-clumping cat litter or sand are great choices.

It’s also not a bad idea to have a short section of 2×4 for use in deep snow. Just make sure no one is pushing behind that wheel when you put on the gas.

Tire Chains

tire chains Speaking of traction aids, tire chains are another piece of car equipment that should be in your standard driving toolkit. Besides, they might be required. Review Colorado’s traction laws.


You’ll want to have a basic toolkit for dealing with minor car problems. This should include the tools that came with your car, as well as some pliers, an adjustable wrench, a knife, and more. A Leatherman-type tool can serve for most of this, but you should still have an adjustable wrench.

Tire Change or Repair Supplies

You need to be prepared in case you get a flat tire. Older cars had spare tires standard, but this has become less common. Check what your car has, and supplement as necessary (for example, if the fix-a-flat type stuff is old, get new cans).

If you do expect to change a tire, it’s not a bad idea to have a “cheater bar,” a length of sturdy pipe that can fit over the end of your tire iron to give you more leverage. Rust and cold can “weld” the lug nuts in place. Or you could invest in a genuine breaker bar.


With the short days and long nights of winter, the odds are good that you’ll be trying to deal with being stranded in the dark. A flashlight should absolutely be in your winter safety kit. Remember to store batteries separately and have a second set handy. A hand crank flashlight is a great backup, but if you are doing repairs alone, you don’t want to have to be cranking and working at the same time.

Cell Phone Charger

Sometimes it’s best to just call for help. These days, cell phones can help you avoid many instances where you’d be stranded long-term. But a cell phone does no good if it’s not charged. You should make sure you have a compatible charger installed in your car, but a second charging solution is a good idea in case your car isn’t running. This is a great application for a crank flashlight—many have charging ports. It isn’t fast, but it’s better than discovering that your backup battery is dead, too.

First Aid Kit

first aid kit

You should always have a first aid kit in your car, but it’s especially important to have it in your winter survival kit. If you’re in an accident, or if someone gets hurt trying to fix the car or get it unstuck, it’s good to be able to provide basic first aid.

Warm Clothes and a Blanket

If your best efforts don’t get you back on the road, you will need to hunker down and wait for help to arrive. In some severe winter storms, this could take days. Having some extra warm clothes and a blanket could make the difference in your condition when help arrives.

Nonperishable Food

If you are waiting days for help, you will want to have food on hand, too. Keep some nonperishable food in your emergency kit. But be aware that you’re going to be eating it in the cold—some energy bars can turn rock-hard in cold conditions, so they might not be good choices despite being compact and nutritious.


Depending on how cold the weather is and how long you’re stranded, you might want to have an additional heat source. It’s not a great idea to run your car for heat. Not only will this deplete the tank, but the fumes can be dangerous and are more likely to accumulate in a stationary car over time. Instead, a simple tea candle in a metal can will add a significant amount of heat in your car. Plus, it’s a light source that lets you save your flashlight batteries for task-specific uses.

Let Accurate Auto Body Help with Repairs

If you were stranded at least in part because of an accident, your car may also need collision repairs. Accurate Auto Body is not only a highly-awarded repair shop, we are also caring and understanding. With our Focus on You Service™ system, we work around your schedule and get your repairs done by the guaranteed repair date. You’ve been stranded enough – your auto body shop shouldn’t make it worse.

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