Best Snow Tires for Colorado Mountains

Posted on: December 27th, 2021 by Accurate Auto Body Shop 1 Comment

The Front Range experienced an extended snowless period in 2021, setting the record for the latest first snow in Denver, and almost tying the longest period without snow as of the time of this writing. This might make people who don’t spend time in the mountains think they don’t need snow tires.

However, the Colorado Rocky Mountains have been getting a steady supply of snow for months, which means that if you live in the mountains or spend a lot of time there, switching to snow tires is an important way to avoid needing collision repair.

At Accurate Auto Body, we want you to stay safe on the roads this winter, so we want to help you choose the best snow tires. There are many good options, though they may not all come in sizes appropriate for your vehicle. Here are a few points to consider about your snow tires, as well as some suggested options for you.

What about Studded Tires?

studded snow tires for winter driving When thinking about true snow tires, many people’s first thought goes to studded tires. Colorado is one of the few states where you can have studded tires at any time of year, and this might make them appealing.

However, for the most part, studded tires are not necessary. Modern tread designs on snow tires work great on roads covered with powder, packed snow, and slush. If you’re off-roading through deep snow, it’s best to put on chains. The place where you will see the most benefit from studded tires is on icy roads. If you often find yourself on slick ice, studded tires might be a good choice for you, but we mostly are looking at non-studded tires.

Bridgestone Blizzak Tires

Although many people have their personal favorites, there’s one snow tire that Colorado mountain drivers talk about most: Blizzak.

Blizzak tires utilize multi-cell tubes – a porous rubber that acts like a sponge – to disperse water from the surface of snow and ice to improve contact between the car and the surface. Then the tire’s grip particles, like mini studs embedded in the rubber, can give your tire additional grip. This provides great control in snow, slush, and even on ice.

There are six different models of Blizzak tires, making it easier to find one that fits your car and your driving needs.

General Tire Altimax Arctic

Another snow tire that is popular among Colorado mountain drivers is the General Tire Altimax Arctic series.

These tires have advanced sipes to help grip in snow and additional raised ridges within their grooves to provide even better traction in snow. Plus, this line of tires is studdable if you need studs for driving in icy conditions.

Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3

best snow tires for Colorado Nokian Tyres promotes itself as the northernmost tire manufacturer in the world and focuses on producing the best snow tires. Although the manufacturer offers multiple studded tires, this non-studded version is extremely popular. Well-designed grooves and sipes give this tire great grip in snowy conditions. Plus, it has great performance on dry roads. They’re also available in most sizes, making this an accessible choice. The only downside is that they wear quickly in warm, dry weather.

When Snow Tires Weren’t Enough, Choose Accurate Auto Body

Unfortunately, sometimes even the best snow tire isn’t enough to protect you from a traffic accident. Pile-ups can force you to stop faster than any tire possibly could under snowy or icy conditions. Plus, you can’t count on other people to be using their snow tires, and someone on bald all-weather tires can easily slide into you.

If you were involved in a traffic accident on snowy Colorado roads, whether in the High Country or along the Front Range, look for an auto body shop that is not just capable of handling the collision repairs, but also cares about you.

Accurate Auto Body is a highly awarded auto body shop, I-CAR gold class recognized, Toyota trained and certified by Honda.  Our Focus on You Service™ system offers many benefits when shops get busy in or after the winter accident season. We offer guaranteed estimates and a guaranteed completion date. Plus, we work around your schedule and deal with your insurance company. We also treat you with respect and compassion. We know being in an accident is stressful enough – you don’t need more stress from your collision repair shop.

Please call 303-344-2212 or use our online contact form to request an estimate on your repairs at Accurate Auto Body, serving customers in Denver and Aurora, CO.

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