7 Important Questions to Ask an Auto Body Repair Shop

Posted on: March 18th, 2022 by Accurate Auto Body Shop 3 Comments

If your car has suffered damage from a crash or hail, you are looking for an auto body repair shop to fix the damage. But how do you find the right shop to do the necessary repairs on your car?

One way is to ask questions. Here are seven of the questions you should always ask of any auto body shop before you decide to work with them.

What Certifications Have Your Mechanics and Shop Earned?

mechanic working at an auto body repair shop Every auto body shop is going to claim that they are great mechanics and capable of making necessary repairs. However, you shouldn’t take their word for it. Instead, check for objective evidence that a shop’s mechanics are capable workers with the necessary knowledge to complete repairs.

One piece of objective evidence is third-party certifications. These certifications go to well-trained mechanics and shops with extensive hardware to complete repairs. If you’re not clear what any certification means, ask the shop – and check it for yourself.

What Is Your Rating with the BBB?

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is an organization dedicated to helping consumers separate ethical businesses with good business practices from those that either deliver substandard results, poor service, or both.

An A+ rating with the BBB means that a company either has no complaints or has resolved them to the satisfaction of their customers.

Is My Quote Guaranteed?

One common form of unethical practice from auto body repair shops is to quote you one price upfront, but charge you something much higher in order for you to get your car back.

To avoid this, make sure you get all repair quotes in writing. Also make sure that these quotes are guaranteed.

Can You Repair This Damage Right the First Time?

With some auto shops, you might pick your car up thinking it had been repaired, but the problem might not be fixed. Either that, or it might fail relatively soon after the repairs are complete.

Being able to fix damage right the first time is essential to getting good service from an auto body shop. An auto body repair shop should be able to assure you that they will repair your car properly the first time. Evidence of relevant training and experience can help you feel comfortable with their answer.

When Will I Really Be Able to Get My Car?

You depend on your car, and you can’t let it sit in the shop forever. Just as important as getting a guaranteed quote is getting a guaranteed repair date.

If an auto body repair shop isn’t prepared to guarantee that you’ll be able to get your car back when they say, you have no idea when you will be able to get it back. It’s also helpful to have a way to check the progress of repairs online so that you can see evidence that repairs are moving forward to be completed on time. If it looks like repairs might not make it on time, you can then call the auto body shop to make sure they’ll hit the guaranteed date.

Will You Be Able to Match the Paint on My Car?

Not all auto body shops have the ability to precisely match paint colors. Of course, many repairs can be completed with paintless dent repair, but if you are going to need your car painted, it’s important to know if it’s going to match properly.

Will You Help Me File My Insurance Claim?

Insurance claims can be complicated to file. Some auto body repair shops leave the burden of that on you. This is an extra burden that make it harder for you to get the full compensation you’re due under the terms of your insurance.

Your auto body shop should be prepared to offer some help to improve the odds you’ll get paid what you’re due.

Why Choose Accurate Auto Body for Your Repairs

If you are looking for an auto body repair shop that offers highly accurate repairs in a way that gives you peace of mind, look no further than Accurate Auto Body. Our Focus On You™ Service System includes guaranteed quotes and guaranteed repair dates. We are dedicated to getting your repairs right the first time, and we have the high-level certifications and experience that show we can do it. We carry an A+ rating with the BBB, showing the high level of satisfaction we give our customers.

Want to learn more about what makes us a great choice for your repairs? Please call 303-344-2212 or use our online form today to schedule a free repair estimate at Accurate Auto Body.

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  1. Braden Bills says:

    My car has been making some really concerning noises, so I want to find a good mechanic to take it to. It makes sense that I would want to find one that has the proper certifications for necessary repairs! That way, I can ensure that they will have the knowledge and skill necessary to handle things kind of thing for me.

  2. A few days ago, my brother was in a car accident, and luckily, only his car got damaged during it. I’m glad you explained how to find an auto body repair shop that makes sure they match your car’s color when working on your dents, so I’ll make sure my brother gets your tips immediately. Thank you for the insight on asking about an auto shop’s paint colors and if they’ll be able to match yours.

  3. Another question may be to ask for references or a portfolio of work.

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