How to Remove Bugs from Your Windshield

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First of all, the bad news – bugs happen. They happen indoors. They happen outdoors. And yes, they happen on your windshield. But, there are ways to help make your windshield more bug free and help reduce dreaded bug build-up. A couple sure ways for a bug free windshield are to drive without a windshield or drive backwards, but those are highly impracticable and could be in violation of many laws. So, we put together an all new list of how to help reduce bugs and ways to more easily remove bugs from your windshield.

Tips for a Keeping Bugs off Your Windshield

Bug Deflector

how to remove bugs from a windshield You can buy a bug deflector that attaches to the front of the hood. They are effective at reducing the number of bug casualties on your windshield as the unfortunate bug hits the deflector first. But it also alters the slipstream of the air moving over your vehicle. They essentially create a higher wind draft that pushes some bugs higher over your windshield and over the top of your car. Also, they are somewhat effective at deflecting smaller rocks that would normally chip your paint or windshield.

However, as these do alter the aerodynamics, although slightly, you may see a reduction in gas mileage.

A Thin Layer of Wax

While you want to go heavy on wax in bug prone areas such as your bumper and hood to help reduce bug build up, you will want to use just a thin layer on your windshield. Doing so makes it harder for bugs to stick to the windshield, and they can then more readily be removed simply by using your windshield washer fluid and wipers.

Periodically Change Wiper Blades

Always check your wiper blades and change them at least once a year. Not only will this greatly help in rain and snow, but it also aids with bug residue. Changing out the blades will keep the windshield cleaner by not spreading bug splat and dirt every time you switch the wipers on.

Windshield Repellent

There are special formulas, such as RainX, that you can apply to your windshield. Many of these help water bead on the windshield to make it easier to see in a storm as they essential waterproof your windshield. But they also make it a great deal easier to remove bugs that encounter the windshield. They make them less sticky, so to speak.

Learn How to Remove Bugs from Windshield

But you can’t always keep bugs off your windshield. So how do you clean bugs from your windshield after a long drive? Here are some ideas for removing any “hitchhikers” from your most recent trip.

Basic Soak & Scrub

removing bugs from a windshield Start with a washcloth that is soaking wet with hot water. Drape the cloth over the affected area for a few minutes to get the buggy remains wet. You can add vinegar or Dawn dish soap for tough spots. Be careful about using other household cleaning chemicals that could damage your paint or the glass in your windshield.

Making a paste out of baking soda and water for a mild abrasive can help you go after stubborn spots. Baking soda particles are small enough that they will not scratch the glass of your windshield. Apply the paste using disposable rag and let it dry. Once it dries out, wash it off with hot water. Microfiber cloths are a good choice as they only leave a tiny amount of lint behind.

Special Cleaners

If good old soap and water doesn’t work for you, there are several bug cleaners you can pick up at your local auto parts store. Ask for some guidance from the staff at your store to choose the right product for your car.

Scrape & Pressure Wash

Razors and other sharp objects can be a manual way to remove smashed bugs. Be careful as it is easy to chip the windshield frame or scratch the glass (and you could hurt yourself as well).

If you don’t want to risk using a razor, try using the pressure washer at your local self-serve car wash. Go with the wash and rinse settings to power things clean.

When All Else Fails, Try Coke

One of the more novel ways we have heard to clean your windshield is with Coca-Cola. The Coke acts as a mild solvent that breaks down the bugs and make it easier to remove them with a clean rag and standard glass cleaner. Essentially, it is a pre-treatment application before spaying and wiping down the glass.

We don’t know how effective this really is compared to other approaches. Coke and other colas are fairly acidic, with a pH of around 2.5. However, white vinegar from your pantry has about the same pH. Keep in mind that pH is not the only measure of how well acids will dissolve certain substances. Vinegar is mostly acetic acid, but colas’ acidity is caused by phosphoric acid, which might be more effective at dissolving bug guts. You might also try using lemon juice, which is even more acidic (pH 2—the lower the pH, the stronger the acid), but is mostly citric acid.

We haven’t resorted to this solution ourselves, and we don’t know if anyone’s done a systematic study. Some people swear by it, though, and it won’t hurt you or your windshield. So if you’re having trouble cleaning bugs off, give it a try.

How to Use This Information

When it comes to driving, we want to keep you safe, and staying safe on the road can be as simple as keeping bugs off the windshield. However, if you do find yourself in need of automotive auto body repair, please give us a call at 303-344-2122 or contact us through our website.

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