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Aug 7, 2022 - Sun
Aurora, United States
broken clouds
84°F broken clouds
Wind 10 mph, E
Humidity 41%
Pressure 765.07 mmHg
Day Cond. Temp. Wind Humidity PressurePres.
sun aug 7
moderate rain
84/64°F 17 mph, S 40% 763.57 mmHg
mon aug 8
sky is clear
84/74°F 14 mph, SSE 33% 760.56 mmHg
tue aug 9
sky is clear
86/79°F 16 mph, ESE 30% 760.56 mmHg
wed aug 10
sky is clear
88/79°F 14 mph, ESE 21% 762.07 mmHg
thu aug 11
sky is clear
89/80°F 16 mph, SSE 21% 761.31 mmHg


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Hundreds of hotel guests trapped by flash flooding at Death Valley National Park were able to drive out after crews cleared a pathway through rocks and mud, but roads damaged by floodwaters or choked with debris were expected to remain closed into next week, officials said Saturday.
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After 101 in Denver, yet another heat wave grips parts of US West
The Pacific Northwest braced for yet another heat wave Saturday and the temperature in Denver hit 101 degrees Fahrenheit on Friday, breaking a record set in 1877.
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Ex-officer sentenced in rough arrest of woman with dementia
A former Loveland police officer who did not stop another officer from being rough with a 73-year-old woman with dementia was sentenced Friday to 45 days in jail and three years of probation.
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New Broncos signees get going right away in training camp
Darrius Shepherd and Max Borghi immediately entered into the fray at training camp for the Denver Broncos, who brought the two free agents in after roster spots opened with season-ending injuries to Tim Patrick and Damarea Crockett.
Author: ARNIE STAPLETON, Associated Press
Posted: August 5, 2022, 8:28 pm
Aurora man found guilty of murdering ex-girlfriend and dumping her body at truck stop
“This was a horrific act of domestic violence that robbed two children of their mother, parents of their daughter and a community of a beloved member,” Chief Deputy DA Andrew Steers said in a statement. “This verdict is the first step towards justice.”
Author: MAX LEVY, Sentinel Staff Writer
Posted: August 5, 2022, 7:19 pm
Aurora Sports Notebook: Breaking down Aurora’s 2022 prep football schedules
Notes from Aurora prep sports, alumni news and more.
Posted: August 5, 2022, 7:00 pm
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History of Aurora, Colorado

Aurora was incorporated as the town of Fletcher on April 30, 1891. The new town, one of the new crop of suburbs sprouting up around Denver, was four square miles of prairie reaching from Yosemite Street to Peoria and 6th Avenue north to 26th Avenue. In 1907 the town was renamed Aurora. Aurora history is one of change, growth, diversity, and community.

Aurora’s Military Heritage

Since the very early years of this city, the military has been a big part of Aurora’s history. For almost 100 years, Aurora has been home to countless service men and women and their families. They are part of a rich heritage that makes up our community. Let’s take time to honor those who have served and are serving our country in the armed forces.

In 1918 during the beginning of Aurora’s first building boom, Army General Hospital #21 (re-named Fitzsimons Army Hospital) was built east of town. Twenty years later, in 1938, Lowry Air Force Base was opened to the southwest of town. Rather than closing Fitzsimons, the U.S. government expanded and upgraded the hospital facilities in 1941 just in time to care for the wounded servicemen of World War II. Lowry expanded to a site 15 miles to the east in 1942 that eventually became Buckley Air National Guard Base and later Buckley Air Force Base.

Explore Aurora’s Historic Sites

Historic landmarks tell the story of Aurora, from a small 19th century “trolley town” on the fringes of an emerging metropolis, to a growing suburb of the 1950s. Historic homes, businesses and other sites and structures are the physical memories of Aurora’s rich history. They are valuable resources that need to be protected and shared with the community for today and for the future. Aurora has 27 individual landmarks, 2 historic districts, and 2 cultural heritage sites.

John Gully Homestead House

DeLaney Farm Historic District
200 S. Chambers Road
Built: 1870-1871
Aurora Historic Landmark #3
Landmarked: 1986
National Register of Historic Places

DeLaney Round Barn 

170 S. Chambers Road
Built: 1902
Aurora Historic Landmark #9
Landmarked: 1989
National Register of Historic Places

Coal Creek Schoolhouse

Near intersection of 1st Avenue & Chambers Road
Built: 1928
Aurora Historic Landmark #18
Landmarked: 2001

DeLaney Farm Historic District 

Chambers Road & Alameda Parkway
Aurora Historic District
Landmarked: 1997

William Smith House

412 Oswego Court
Built: 1910
Aurora Historic Landmark #2
Landmarked: 1986
National Register of Historic Places

Historic William Smith School

10000 E. 13th Ave.
Built: 1931
Aurora Historic Landmark #4
Landmarked: 1986

Aurora Fox Arts Center

9900 E. Colfax Ave.
Built: 1946
Aurora Historic Landmark #5
Landmarked: 1987

Milliken House

H.M. Milliken House
1638 Galena St.
Built: 1891
Aurora Historic Landmark #6
Landmarked: 1987

Italian Villa

1785 Hanover St.
Built: 1925
Aurora Historic Landmark #8
Landmarked: 1988

Thomas F. Gilligan House

1455 Beeler St.
Built: 1925
Aurora Historic Landmark #10
Landmarked: 1990

Centennial House

1671 Galena St.
Built: 1890
Aurora Historic Landmark #11
Landmarked: 1993
National Register of Historic Places

Fuller House

2027 Galena St.
Built: 1892
Aurora Historic Landmark #17
Landmarked: 2001

Marshall Cowing House

1580 Dallas St.
Built: 1892
Aurora Historic Landmark #19
Landmarked: 2004

Hornbein Building

9901 E. 16th Ave.
Built: 1953
Aurora Historic Landmark #20
Landmarked: 2005

Robidoux House

1615 Galena St.
Built: 1913
Aurora Historic Landmark #25
Landmarked: 2011
National Register of Historic Places

St. Therese School 

1200 Kenton St.
Built: 1956
Aurora Historic Landmark #23
Landmarked: 2007

St. Therese Parish Historic District

12th & Kenton Streets
Built: 1956
Aurora Historic District
Designated: 2012

Stanley Aviation – Stanley Marketplace

2501 Dallas St.
Built: 1954
Aurora Historic Landmark #27
Landmarked: 2015

Red Cross Building and Memorial 525

12862 E. Montview Blvd.
Built: 1918
Aurora Historic Landmark #15
Landmarked: 1999
Building Demolished in 2015; Memorial still stands

Lowry Building 880

1016 Boston St.
Built: 1942
Aurora Historic Landmark #12
Landmarked: 1995
National Register of Historic Places

Guardhouses at Fitzsimons General’s Park

Colfax Avenue and Peoria Street
Built: 1919
Aurora Historic Landmark 13
Landmarked: 1999

Fitzsimons General’s Pond – Water Fowl Preserve

1561 Quentin St.
Built: 1901
Aurora Historic Landmark #14
Landmarked: 1999

American War Mothers National Memorial Home

1601 Peoria St.
Built: 1924-1926
Aurora Historic Landmark #7
Landmarked: 1988

Bicentennial Art Center

13655 E. Alameda Ave.
Built: 1938
Aurora Historic Landmark #26
Landmarked: 2012

Melvin School

4950 S. Laredo St.
Built: 1922
Aurora Historic Landmark #1
Landmarked: 1986
National Register of Historic Places

Toll Gate Creek Archaeological Site

2141 S. Kittredge Way
Aurora Historic Landmark #21
Landmarked 2003

Smoky Hill Trail Historic Marker

24000 Smoky Hill Road
Aurora Historic Landmark #22
Landmarked: 2006

KOA Building

18500 E. Colfax Ave.
Built: 1934
Aurora Historic Landmark #16
Landmarked: 2001

Trolley Trailer No. 610 

Restored and Installed in Growing Home exhibit at Aurora History Museum
Built: 1913
Aurora Historic Landmark #24
Landmarked: 2008

List of Aurora Cultural Heritage Sites
Victory Grange

2025 Tower Road
Built: 1951
Aurora Cultural Heritage Site #1
Named: 2011

Friend Furniture

9605 Colfax Street
Built: 1917; Renovated: 1951, 1968
Aurora Cultural Heritage Site #2
Named: 2014