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7 Tips for Maintaining Your Car When You’re Not Driving It Much

Posted on: September 4th, 2020 by Accurate Auto Body Shop No Comments

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many changes to our lives. One unexpected impact has been a reduction in driving. Many people have traded their daily commute for remote working and Zoom meetings, and many leisure activities are currently on hold as we figure out how to safely reopen businesses. This has caused many vehicles to sit idly in driveways for extended periods of time.

It’s important to understand that your car still requires maintenance, even when you’re not driving it often. Otherwise, you may develop expensive issues down the road. The following tips will help you keep your vehicle in good shape while you’re driving less frequently.

Avoid Flat Spots on Tires

Over time, your tires will gradually lose air pressure. When the vehicle stays in one place for too long, this can result in the development of flat spots on the region where the rubber touches the road. These flat spots can develop within a month of the car not moving.

Unfortunately, flat spots may result in a need to replace the tires faster than usual. To avoid this issue, check your tires regularly to make sure they’re properly inflated. If you’re not driving at all, move the vehicle forward and backward periodically to change the part of the tire touching the road. This will help you avoid flat spots.

Adjust Your Oil Change Schedule

car sitting in driveway not being used during COVID-19 pancemicWhen you drive on a regular basis, oil changes are scheduled based on mileage intervals. If you’re not using your vehicle, this will result in a very long time period between oil changes. Condensation and temperature fluctuations can cause the oil to deteriorate over time. To avoid this, you may want to consider switching to a time-based oil change interval. Check your owner’s manual for the maximum amount of time your vehicle should go without an oil change. Make sure you change the oil before this time period elapses, even if you haven’t driven the mileage necessary to typically require an oil change.

Keep Your Battery Charged

Your battery will slowly discharge over time when you don’t use your car. You may find that if you try to start the vehicle for the first time in several months, the battery may be dead. There are two ways to avoid this problem:

  • Start and drive the car at least once a week – You don’t have to drive the car for very long. A short trip to and from the grocery store will be sufficient to keep your battery charged.
  • Use a trickle charger – If you’re not able to go for a short drive periodically, a trickle charger is a great way to keep your battery from draining. This device connects to your battery’s terminals and can be plugged into a standard wall socket to generate the charge necessary for your battery to function properly.

Keep Vehicle Parts Properly Lubricated

When your car sits idly without being used:

  • Oil settles
  • Fluids separate
  • Seals begin to dry out

This can result in serious problems with many of the mechanical parts in the vehicle. If the engine, transmission and brakes don’t stay properly lubricated, you may face costly replacements once you start using your car again.

To avoid this issue, make sure to take the car for a short drive at least once a week. This simple action can save you thousands of dollars in repairs.

Top Off Your Gas Tank

If you know you won’t be driving for an extended period of time, make sure to fill up with gas before letting your car sit. This will reduce condensation inside the gas tank. You may also want to consider using fuel stabilizer to prevent the gas from degrading over time.

Pay Attention to Where You Park

If possible, try to avoid parking under a tree for extended periods of time. If you must park under a tree, make sure it doesn’t drip sap. Sap will wreak havoc on your paint job. In addition, birds tend to congregate in trees, and bird poop can damage your car’s exterior in a short period of time.

Use a Car Cover

Your car can sustain more exterior cosmetic damage than you would expect when it doesn’t move. Accidental scrapes, UV damage, abrasive dust, sap from trees, bird poop and harsh weather elements can have a devastating impact on your vehicle. A car cover is an inexpensive way to prevent this damage to your car.

Accurate Auto Body Can Help Restore External Vehicle Damage

If your car has suffered external damage from sitting around during the pandemic, Accurate Auto Body can help. Over the past 30 years, we’ve developed a reputation as one of the top auto body shops in the Denver area. At Accurate Auto Body, we’re committed to delivering the exceptional service you deserve. You’ll benefit from our exclusive Focus on You Service System™, which provides you with:

  • Unparalleled levels of personal attention
  • Faster turn-around times
  • Auto repair consulting to ensure you’re properly informed about your options
  • Guaranteed pricing and delivery dates
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Repair update options to address your unique preferences (phone, text, email, web)
  • Full auto insurance coordination

Please contact us to get a free repair estimate. We serve customers in Denver, Aurora and the surrounding areas of Colorado.

Colorado Fall Hotspots

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colorado fall hotspotsFall is already here! And in Colorado, that means getting out and experiencing the fall foliage. Before long, trees will be putting on colorful displays of orange, yellow, and red. Plus, we usually get incredible blue skies that only Colorado can provide, making for perfect outdoor road adventures.  As your Denver auto body shop, we have the go-to Colorado fall hotspots.

Grand Lake

Here in Denver, Grand Lake is just a couple hours away and is a local favorite. It is Colorado’s largest body of water, and it provides a great backdrop to the changing fall colors. In fact, one of the most pleasurable ways to enjoy the color changes is on the water itself. We suggest Trail Ridge Marina to rent boats or even stand up paddleboards (SUPs) and wander both Grand and Shadow Mountain Lake while soaking in the fall colors.

Rocky Mountain National Park

If you are going to be up in the Grand Lake area, you may as well make the short drive into Rocky Mountain National Park. While the park provides great scenery all year, the fall is special. Trail Ridge Road, with an elevation of 12,183 feet, makes for a great vantage point to take in all the changing aspen groves. Also, fall coincides with elk rut, when males vie for the attention of females. So, while taking in the colorful hues, you are likely to hear loud elk calls in the distance.

Golden Gate Canyon State Park

A little closer to home, Golden Gate Canyon State Park is only about 45 minutes from Denver. The park offers 12,000 acres of aspen, pine forest, meadows, and trails. We suggest the Panorama Point Scenic Overlook, where you will be able to see more than 100 miles of aspen trees along the Continental Divide. Or, if you want to hike through aspen groves, take in the Mule Deer Loop, which also takes you to the overlook.

La Veta Pass

In the southern portion of our state in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains,  La Veta Pass is considered among the most scenic drives in Colorado. The drive is on US Route 160  and provides views of aspen mixed with pines while giving glorious views of the Spanish Peaks and the San Luis Valley.

The truth of the matter, almost everywhere in Colorado, you are likely to see stunning colors during fall. We just encourage you to get out and explore. A leisurely drive along the Peak to Peak highway is always an easy option too, and not too far away. And, should you need us for whatever the road throws at you, we have you covered for any autobody repair needs—call 303-344-2212 for a free estimate.

Insured vs. Non-insured Collision Repair

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Insured vs Non-insured Collision RepairAs a Denver Auto body shop, we do get a lot of questions concerning collision repair. And, many of those questions come down to insurance. Is it better to have their insurance cover auto body repairs and pay the deductible, or pay everything out-of-pocket? We call this the great “insured vs non-insured collision repair” debate. Let’s take a look at both the pros and cons of each.

Insured Collision Repair Pros

First of all, you have insurance for a reason, and it is the law. But, that does not mean people will actually use their insurance to cover the cost of collision repairs. However, the big pro to using insurance for the repair is the fact you pay less money out of pocket. All you have to do is pay your deductible, which, depending on your policy, could be anywhere from $200 to $1,000. Depending on the severity of the damage to your vehicle, this could be a lot cheaper than paying for the repair yourself.

Insured Collision Repair Cons

While the most significant factor for carrying insurance is the fact that they will fit the bill for repairs, it does come with a downside. When you make a claim with your insurance company, and they cover the cost of repair, they will likely increase your fees. As a result, your monthly bill can go up for a period of time. You will have to weigh the impact of the increased insurance cost versus that of paying out of pocket for your repairs.

Also, when insurance gets involved, they may decide not to repair your vehicle based on the repair estimate compared to the cash value of your car. If repairs, for example, are more than the actual car value, they may decide to pay you the car’s cash value. Typically, if the damage exceeds 65 to 70 percent of the car’s market value, insurance can choose to “total” it.  If your insurance does total your vehicle, you can still choose to have it repaired at your own expense.  However, if it is too much of a financial burden to get it fixed, you are better off parting with the vehicle.

Non-Insured Auto Body Repair Pros

When you opt to cover the repairs yourself, you do have more control over parts and the way you would like the replacement to go. And, you can, potentially, avoid an increase in your insurance rates. However, if you collided with another vehicle and that driver files a claim and has your insurance information, your insurance company will likely be contacting you and will have note of an accident. As a result, you may still see an increase in your coverage. That is why, for a dent or two, or a literal fender bender, you may be able to cover those repairs without the help of insurance. But, if it is a collision that involves other parties and has significant damage to your car, you should consider using insurance for your repair.

Non-Insured Collision Repair Cons

If you get the repairs done without insurance, your insurance may not provide you with coverage on your vehicle. After all, they are the ones who have to ensure the integrity of the vehicle after repairs. So, if you decide to have a car repaired, especially if doing it yourself or at a shop that is not in your insurer’s network, you run a risk losing any coverage you had on the vehicle. That is why if you have anything moderate to significant damage to your car, it is best to have your insurance company handle the repairs. After all, it would be bad to get your car repaired, and yet not find anyone to insure it, putting you at further risk.

Need Collision Repair

If you have any questions about insurance and how they work with auto body shops, feel free to give us a call. And, if you require auto body repair, we do provide free estimates. Schedule your free estimate online today!

Favorite Social Distancing Destinations

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social distancing locations

Adjustment seems to be the name of the game this year for all of us. And as we look toward the back half of a summer that has had us avoiding beaches, large gatherings, and continues to operate on the phrase “safer at home,” many are wondering how to get away at all. If your household is feeling more than just a little stir crazy, here are some of our favorite social-distancing-friendly destinations to enjoy the great outdoors without putting yourself or your family at unnecessary risk.  

National Parks  

Many national and state parks are limiting the number of people allowed to enter the park per day. This means it’s safer than ever to go enjoy the natural beauty that is so abundant in Colorado. Just make sure you plan ahead! Because of the capacity limits, many parks are requiring reservations to be made ahead of time (Rocky Mountain National Park is included on that list!). Because re-entry is often not allowed, make sure you pack everything you’ll need for the day.  

State Parks  

Like national parks, many state parks are doing everything they can to ensure safe social distancing while still allowing their parks, trails, and beautiful vistas to be open to the public. You may face some of our quickly-becoming-normal regulations like requiring face coverings whenever you’re around others or even a quick temperature check before you are admitted, but as long as the family is healthy, you should have no trouble getting some fresh air in those lungs and remembering that hey, the world outside your house really does still exist.  

Wide Trails  

If you’re sticking closer to home and don’t want to travel to outdoor areas with regulated entrance points, just make sure you stick to wider trails and bring your face covering along. You won’t have the added benefit of knowing there are restrictions and guidelines in place to help make your outdoor adventure safer on a local trail, so it’s up to everyone to do their part to keep the community safe and healthy. Sticking to a wider trail makes it easier to practice safe social distancing.  


And if all else fails, you or your family members/roommates are high risk, or you feel more comfortable adhering strictly to those “safer at home” guidelines, there’s always your own backyard. You can still soak up some rays, enjoy the fresh air, and hear something other than the sound of your own air conditioning kicking in every 30 minutes or so. Not sure how to make the most of your backyard adventures? Try starting a garden, creating a perfect BBQ spot, or getting some blankets and pillows to make the perfect reading retreat. Make your backyard your own personal oasis, because why the heck not?  

 Getting out and traveling feels like such a strange thing to be doing in these times, but if you’re smart, safe, low-risk, and healthy, there’s no reason you can’t have at least a small slice of that magnificent summer you were planning. Just don’t forget to make sure your vehicle is as ready for the trip as you are before you head out!  And, if you happen to get into an accident and need collision repair, we have your back. Call 303-344-2212 or schedule a free estimate.

Parking Lots – Home of the Dents

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Avoiding Parking Lot DentsAvoiding Parking Lot Dents

As an auto body shop, we see all sorts of cars in need of collision repair. And, one would think that most auto body repair would be the result of automobile accidents. And, yes, they do make up the majority of our repairs. But, there is another sinister evil out there for your car….parking lots.

Yes. Parking lots.

If you are like many people, parking lots can create a lot of anxiety, especially after an excellent new paint job. They cause your pulse to accelerate as you slowly, with white knuckles, grip that steering wheel even tighter as you navigate the aisles. After all, who doesn’t let out a big sigh after successfully pulling into a parking spot and turning off the engine?

While, just navigating the parking lot is one thing, leaving your car there is another. Today, we look at all the hidden dangers of the parking lot and how to help keep your car dent free.

Cart Crashes

When shopping carts are left an attended in the parking lot, they develop a mind of their own. They can seemingly decide to roll across the lot to find your door, leaving a nasty dent or gash in the process. To avoid this, try not to park near the carts, especially on a windy day. Scan the parking lot and find safe alternative parking spaces where carts may have a hard time reaching your vehicle. And, if you must park near carts, please take them to an area in the lot designed to hold them or walk them up to the store itself.

Avoid the Lines

We have all done this – you see the perfect parking spot, but alas, it is between two cars that are parked right on the lines. But, you still manage to squeeze in, go to the store, only to come back and find a big dent in the door. Instead of squeezing into the spot, find a place that allows for more room. While doing so, also avoid crowding the line; otherwise, you may also find that someone will ding your door. Of course, don’t be that person who decides to take up two spaces. That is just rude.

Park Away from Others

Along the same lines, park away from others and avoid parking near the cart corrals. Again, the wind will take those carts wherever it takes them. And, when you do park, park in front of a light pole. Doing so will prevent someone from parking in front of you, pulling in too far, and tapping your bumper.

Covered Parking

If possible, seek out covered parking, such as a garage, or purchase a car cover. This will not only help protect your car’s finish but will also protect it from damaging hail.

If you do get a dent or two, we can help. We can perform full dent and hail repair and paintless dent repair for whatever the parking lot may throw at you—call 303-344-2212 for a free estimate.

Car Paint Protection in Summer Heat

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car paint protectionThere are many benefits to living in the Mile High city, but the effect of the sun on vehicle paint is not one of them. If you’re looking for ways to protect your vehicle’s paint in the summer heat, there are a few things you can do.  And, if all else fails and you need shiny new car paint and refinishing, we can help!

Limit Sun Exposure  

Like most things, when continually exposed to sunlight, your vehicle’s paint will start to fade. This takes quite a bit of sun exposure, but one way to protect your paint in the summer heat is to keep direct sun exposure to a minimum. Park in your garage whenever possible and look for spots in the parking lots or on trees that offer some shade coverage. Not only does it make a difference in the comfort of your vehicle’s interior when you get back in, but it also shields your paint from unnecessary sun damage.  


Believe it or not, a coat of fresh wax can protect your paint from the sun, too. You can apply this yourself or have it applied at a full-service carwash location. Waxing your vehicle just adds another layer of protection between your vehicle and the harmful UV rays of the bright Colorado summer sun.  

Regular Car Paint Maintenance  

Regular maintenance is important for your vehicle year-round for a number of reasons, but as part of a regular checkup, your technician may recognize signs of wear and tear that you missed. Early awareness of potential paint peeling or fading due to sun and extreme heat exposure can help you reverse the damage and prevent any further damage as well.  

Paint Protection Coats  

If you want to add even more protection, there are paint protective coats that can be applied in order to add more protection than a simple wax or limited sun exposure. If getting out there and spending long periods of time on the road is just part of your life, this might be the best choice for you. These protective paint coatings should be applied by a professional and are likely available at your local auto body repair shop 

 Let’s face it, the elements can take a toll on your vehicle over time. Whether you’re worried about springtime hail, debris, and tree branches from those unexpected summer afternoon storms, or the heat of the summer sun, there are always extra steps you can take to keep your vehicle protected. After all, paint integrity is one of the things that protects the other parts of your car from wear and tear, so wanting to keep that paint coat as perfect as possible for as long as possible makes sense on more than just an aesthetic level. If you’re curious about a professionally-applied protection coat for your paint, give us a call at 303-344-2212 or schedule a free estimate.

Summer Car Maintenance – Key Things to Check in the Summer

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summer car maintenance

Even though many of us are driving less often these days, maintaining your car’s health in the summer is as important as ever. After all, the last thing you need is a breakdown when you finally get to take that road trip into the mountains after quarantining all these months. So what should you pay attention to this time of year? As your Denver auto body shop, here are a few things to consider.  


Coolant is important for your engine year-round, but obviously the necessity of ensuring the right coolant levels is more important in the summer. Because you’re dealing with hotter temperatures and instances where your car may have to be left out in the sun for long periods of time, your engine needs the assistance of well-maintained coolant levels to cool down properly and avoid overheating.  

A/C Status  

Just like your engine needs to be able to avoid overheating, so do you. Maintaining comfortable driving environments is important for your health as well as the health of your car. Make sure your air conditioning system is in proper working order and if it’s not, consider getting an appointment with your local repair shop as soon as possible.   

Battery Health  

Your car’s battery should always be in as good of condition as possible, but during the summer it’s especially important. Because summer heat can wreak havoc on battery conditions if your battery is already struggling, getting a “wellness check” done on your vehicle with your regular oil change during the summer is incredibly important. After all, your vehicle doesn’t do you a whole lot of good without a working battery.  

Tire Inflation  

Just like winter temperatures can cause problems with your tire’s air levels, the summer can, too. Not only are there often more sharp objects and debris on the roads during the summer that might cause a puncture in your tire, but the heat itself can cause your tires’ air levels to fluctuate. Driving on under-inflated tires in the summer is especially dangerous because it increases the likelihood of your tires overheating, and paired with the high temperatures, puts you at a much greater risk for a tire blowout. Keep in mind that tires usually lose about one pound of pressure over the course of a month from normal seepage, and aim to check on your tires’ air levels at least monthly.  

All Fluids 

Ensuring your coolant levels are appropriate in the summer is critical, but so is ensuring all fluid levels in your vehicle are topped off and ready to roll. Almost all the fluids present in your vehicle’s engine system serve as a minor coolant for your engine, so letting any one of these go too low could result in engine damage or overheating.  

Keeping things cool (outside and in), and maintaining proper tire health are your two main needs for summer vehicle maintenance, but just as with all the other regular maintenance needs (filter replacement, oil change, etc), keeping an eye on the overall health of your vehicle and the systems that help it run smoothly is as important now as ever. 

As always, if you are out and about and should have a need for auto body repair, please do give us a call or schedule your free estimate.

Planning a Roadtrip During COVID

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roadtips during covid

Summer is so often the time that families gear up and get ready for road trips. This year, things look very different for all of us. With air travel still not recommended unless necessary and self-quarantining still encouraged for those with weakened immune systems, Coronavirus has shifted how families might getaway this summer. If you’re itching for a little travel but unsure how to approach it amidst the pandemic, as your Denver auto body shop, here are some tips to consider.  

Pack Cleaning Supplies  

Everywhere you’re going to go right now is likely to have strict cleanliness guidelines to follow, but if you’re worried, or want to be able to clean, wipe, and sanitize as you go (especially if that road trip is including stops at multiple gas stations along the way), pack your own cleaning supplies! It never hurts to have extra sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer on hand.  

Don’t Forget Your Masks  

Wearing masks or face coverings that fully cover your mouth and nose is just good sense right now. It’s the first line of defense everyone has, and everyone wearing their masks does the most good toward keeping people healthy and safe, and COVID-19 on the decline. Whether you have disposable masks for your family or cloth, reusable ones, don’t forget to bring them along. It may not be on your usual pre-vacation checklist, but for your 2020 trips, it’s a requirement. 

 Prepare for Longer Waits  

Everyone is doing their best adjusting to the new guidelines, but because of social distancing guidelines and the state orders that require them, you should be prepared to have to wait a little longer than normal if you’re hoping to go out on the town wherever you’re visiting. It might ask quite a bit of your patience, but it’s just part of life these days.  

 Be Safe  

What “safe” looks like outside the necessary guidelines will look different for everyone, but following social distancing practices and washing your hands frequently should still be high on your list of priorities, even on vacation.  


Especially if you’re traveling to mountain towns where the pandemic first broke out in Colorado, but regardless of where you end up road tripping to, when you get home, self-quarantining for 2 weeks is the sensible thing to do.   

 At the end of the day, choosing to travel is still exposing you to more risk of the virus than staying put would. But if that travel bug just really has you itching, using these tips should help make your trip safer without taking all the fun out of getting away with your loved ones.   

Best Wipers to Survive Colorado’s Rainy Season

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Windshield wipers are one of those vehicle features that either make your life much easier or make it incredibly difficult. Your windshield needs to be clear in order for you to see the road ahead of you, and that’s pretty critical to driving safely. If you’ve ever had a pair of bad wiper blades before, you know how quickly that can muck up your line of sight (which can lead to the need for auto body repair). So, as we head into Colorado’s rainy season, we wanted to look at a few places for consideration when it’s time to replace your wipers. 

Beam Blade vs Bracket Type 

Beam blade and bracket-type wipers are the two main categories of wipers you’ll find on the market. Bracket types are often a bit cheaper, but because the wipers are attached to a metal frame, the way they wipe your windshield can get far less effective when exposed to snow and icy conditions. This is less of a consideration for the rainy season, but a beam blade wiper typically has a better ability to adhere to the curvature of your windshield, making it more effective in most cases. 

Pay Attention to Fit 

Even the “best” wipers on the market aren’t going to do a darn thing for your vehicle if they aren’t the right size for your make and model. Pay attention to fit when buying new wipers so you can ensure a clear and full field of vision no matter what the weather. If you’re not sure what fit to look for, a quick Google search of “your make and model + windshield wiper size” ought to do the trick. 

You Don’t Need Fancy Features 

There are a number of wipers out there that offer a host of new and innovative features, but we like to make it clear that those are simply added perks that you can choose if you want. However, you don’t need them to have effective wipers that keep your windshield clear against even harsh weather. However, if you’re hankering for some heated wipers to make your winter days easier, well, we can’t say we blame you. 

Consider Wiper Lifespan 

When looking at your options, remember that your wiper blades should last you a decent amount of time. Check on any warranty options and search around to see what the average span of a windshield wiper’s life is. You don’t want to buy the perfect wipers for the rainy season while forgetting that they will also need to perform in the winter, or vice versa. 

At the end of the day, the best wipers for your vehicle are going to be ones that fit well and have the features you desire. Their number one job is keeping your line of sight clear of water and snow during inclement weather – keeping you safe. If, however, you find yourself needing a Denver auto body shop, please reach out to us for a free estimate. 

Car Repairs During COVID

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Car repair COVIDThe world has changed, but it also must go on. And as long as there are drivers on the road, the need for car maintenance and repairs will continue to exist. If your vehicle needs maintenance or repairs, you don’t have to put it off until things are back to “normal.” However, as your auto body repair shop, there are some extra steps you should take during this time to make sure that you and the staff handling your vehicle are safe during the process.  

Ask About Procedures 

Don’t be afraid to ask about how the shop’s processes and procedures have changed in light of COVID-19. We can’t operate exactly the way we used to, and though the cleanliness standards at your shop of choice should have been high before the virus, they should be doing more, now. How they answer this question can and should impact whether or not you bring your vehicle to them. 

Pay Attention In Shop 

Of course, it’s not enough just to talk the talk. When you bring your car in for an estimate or inspection, we urge to pay attention to how things are handled within the shop as well. Are the staff wearing masks? Is hand sanitizer readily available? Are staff members following social distancing protocols wherever possible? If not, ask questions about why. We all have to do our part right now to keep our communities safe and healthy. Vehicle mechanics are no exception to the rule. 

Don’t Touch Unsanitized Items 

When you come to pick up your vehicle, we recommend not touching items that haven’t been sanitized. Counters should be sanitized regularly, in accordance with CDC guidelines, and your keys should be sanitized before they are handed to you. On a similar note, make sure your vehicle has been sanitized as well. 

Wipe Down Your Vehicle  

And while you can trust a repair shop worth its salt to do right by you as a vehicle owner and concerned citizen, it never hurts to do a little double-duty yourself. When you get your vehicle home, we recommend wiping it down with sanitizing wipes as well. 

With the addition of these steps to your normal vehicle repair process, you should feel comfortable and safe getting those repairs done and keeping your vehicle in the best possible condition to keep you safe on the road. If you have questions about how Accurate Auto Body has adopted COVID procedures to better care for your health and safety during this time, give us a call today.