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What to Do When Stuck in Winter Weather

Posted on: January 14th, 2020 by Accurate Auto Body Shop No Comments

stuck in winter drivingIf there’s one thing Coloradans know best, it’s how quickly the weather can change from manageable to impassable. Especially in the winter, roads can go from dry and clear to shut down in a matter of hours. While it’s always best to avoid travel if that kind of storm is a possibility, we all know that sometimes it’s impossible to predict when a winter storm will hit. Even more, sometimes it’s impossible to avoid the need to travel. But what should you do if you get stuck in the middle of a storm in your vehicle? Here are a few things to accomplish as soon as possible.

Alert Authorities

If you have service and any battery on your cell phone (if you have a charger in your vehicle, we highly recommend keeping a high charge all winter long), call and alert the authorities. Chances are in the kind of weather that gets you stuck, you’re probably not the only one. This may mean that they can’t reach you for a while, but letting them know where you are and that you’re stuck is a huge, important first step to getting unstuck before things get dire.

Bust out the Emergency Kit

We’ve written about creating emergency kits before, so be sure to read that if you’re looking for advice on what to include in your kit. At this point, the kit should be prepped and in your vehicle, ready for a worst-case scenario like this. If you packed a shovel in your kit, you may be able to spend some time trying to dig yourself out, to see if you can gain any traction and get yourself out of the situation. If you are going to try to dig yourself out, ensure you’re in a safe position to do so. Otherwise, it’s time to dig into those blankets, sweatshirts, and other layers you packed.

Conserve Energy

Conserving energy is key if you’re unsure of how long you’ll be stuck. We’re talking energy of all sorts. Energy in your phone, your own personal energy, the energy in your vehicle. All of it. Use it sparingly and wisely. If you can, utilize the sun to warm your vehicle so you can keep the engine running only at a bare minimum (to avoid freezing in the fuel line or engine) until the sun sets and you’re dealing with colder nighttime temperatures.

Stay Put

We know it’s tempting to leave your vehicle and try to seek help or shelter, but there’s no way of knowing how treacherous the conditions are or how far exactly you are from reaching anything or anyone who might be of assistance. It may feel a little scarier, but we recommend staying put. Stay with your car, stay in your car as much as you can. This will make it easier for authorities to find you, and it will ensure you don’t wind up more lost or more stuck than you already are.

On the bright side, weather in Colorado tends to clear out as quickly as it comes in, making it often a shorter span of time between getting stranded and getting rescued than might be the case in other areas. That being said, it’s important to take being stranded in a winter storm seriously, and do your best to stay in control of what you can. Conserve your energy, ration out your food, stay warm, and keep your vehicle in working order, and hopefully you’ll be out of the uncomfortable position in no time.

Best Times to Get More for Your Trade

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trade in carAs you look toward 2020, it’s the time of year when people are painting themselves a picture of what the new year will hold for them, who they’ll be at the end of it. If your picture for next year includes you in a new car, you’re probably already doing some research about trading your old one in. You’ll find a plethora of information about what needs to be in order before you trade in your vehicle, but what about when you should plan to trade it in? Are there certain times of the year where you can make more for your trade-in than others? Do you need to act fast or should wait a little while? Here are some things to consider before you rush your vehicle to the nearest dealership to trade it in.

After You’ve Done Your Research

The best time to trade your vehicle in, really, is when it’s not dire. When you don’t need to. This gives you the time you need to do some research, to figure out what you’re looking for and what you’ll need to get there. It also allows you to understand what you can expect to get for your vehicle, and if there are any ways for you to increase the value of your vehicle before you turn it in.

Not Right Now

We’re about to hit the heart of winter, and unfortunately, that means you’re not likely to get top dollar for your trade-in this time of year. Spring and summer are better choices for many reasons. At the end of the year, in the throes of the holiday season, people are stressed, budgets are tight, and Black Friday purchases take out a large chunk of the discretionary income that might have gone to vehicle purchases in the first place. In the spring and summer, the market is higher, people are enjoying driving more, and are often in a better place financially to consider a purchase like this.

Before the Next Model Year

There’s a lot of value in selling your vehicle before it’s another model year old. A 2018 vehicle sells a lot better before the 2019 models are out. That stands true for vehicles further removed from their “new” status, too. Potential buyers take the model year into consideration for a number of reasons. They may be looking for a newer technological feature, they may be looking for something more easily serviced, or they may only want a vehicle with a certain number of years under its belt. If you’re looking to sell your vehicle in the next year, make sure you’re aware of when your manufacturer puts out their new model years and try to trade it in before that happens.

When Market Value Is High

This one is tricky and variable, but there are a number of market value calculators out there that can help you get a better idea of where your vehicle stands. Market value is regularly fluctuating and shifting, so it’s a good idea to check it frequently as you do your research and start your decision-making process.

Trading in your vehicle for a new ride is always an exciting prospect, but you should get the best value possible when you do. Use this information to help make your trade in day a pleasant surprise instead of receiving a disappointing offer.

Ice Driving Tips

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ice drivingIf you’ve ever lived a Colorado winter before, you know as well as we do that winter weather rarely means just snow around here. There is almost always an element of ice involved as well – whether it’s under the snow or replaces it entirely, icy driving is an inevitability in the Front Range this time of year. So how do you stay safe when the roads are anything but? Here are some things you need to know before you hit those ice-covered roads.

Don’t Do It

Our first tip is perhaps the most important. If at all possible, avoid driving on icy roads entirely. If you have the ability to work remotely, reschedule events or take a day off, we recommend that route. It’s the safest route. When staying off the roads until the city has had a chance to salt them or until the inclement weather has passed entirely is not an option, there are other things you should do to prepare.

Be Aware

Checking the weather and road conditions in your area should be a daily practice in the winter. It can help you understand whether or not your morning commute is going to be significantly more treacherous or not. Checking the weather the night before as well as the morning of can help you plan accordingly. Because you should never be in a rush when there is ice on the road, we recommend allowing yourself plenty of extra time if the weather looks wintry.

No One Is “Slide-Proof”

We hate to be the bearer of bad news to those who bought souped up SUVs with the hopes of being able to tackle anything Mother Nature threw at them without a care in the world, but SUVs, 4-wheel drive and all-wheel drive don’t actually make it easier to drive on icy roads. Everyone is equally susceptible to sliding in these conditions because ice doesn’t just make traction difficult, it makes it impossible. Knowing that you’re not immune to the conditions of the road is an important step to being as safe on them as possible. Slow down. Way down. It’s not uncommon for speeds of under 45 mph to be necessary even on highways when the roads are particularly icy.

Avoid Brakes

Along with slowing way down, avoid using your brakes. Hitting the brakes often increases the likelihood of sliding or losing control under icy road conditions because brakes seek traction. When there is none to be found, you can easily find yourself spinning, sliding, or your ABS system attempting to correct (which it can’t.) Of course, coming to a stop on the road will be necessary at times, but doing so as slowly as possible, applying minimal pressure to your brakes to successfully stop is your best bet at staying safe under these road conditions.

Understand the Risks

Icy road conditions make pileups more likely. Sometimes, your crash or your driving is not what’s posing the highest risk to you – it’s other drivers that may approach your crash or your vehicle too quickly and end up out of control trying to fix it. Driving on icy roads is one of the riskiest things a driver can do in a city or highly trafficked area. Knowing what you’re up against is extremely important if you absolutely must travel under these conditions. If, despite your best efforts you still find yourself in an accident, the team at Accurate Auto Body can help get you back on the road with our expert auto body repair services.

Favorite Car Toys of 2019

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car toysWhether you’re looking for something to get yourself or your favorite car fanatic for the holidays, knowing what’s “in” in the car toy world and what’s “out” can be difficult. Surprising a gearhead with something they haven’t seen before or didn’t know they needed can be even more difficult. That’s why we put together a list of some of our favorite (and most useful) car gadgets of 2019 to help you wow them (or pick a little something up for yourself – we won’t judge.)

Portable Humidifier

As your Denver auto body shop, we know it is dry here in the mile-high city, so having a little added humidity never hurts – especially in the winter. Luckily all you need is a USB plug-in these days to have a mini humidifier (and/or oil diffuser!) with you everywhere you go. Offer yourself a little moment of relaxation with some lavender essential oil and a warm air mist while you’re stuck in that rush hour traffic on I-25 or I-70. Or gift one to your favorite commuter. We could all use a little more serenity on our daily drive, right?

USB Mini Fridge

Yeah, you read that right. A mini-fridge big enough to hold six cans but light enough to be ported from the car to your favorite picnic destination, all powered easily by a USB charger. Don’t have a USB port in your vehicle? If you’re looking at the Cooluli Electric Mini-Fridge, you’ve got options. It can easily be powered by the cigarette lighter or your vehicle’s main, too. Oh, and did we mention it keeps things warm as well as cool? Those holiday potluck dishes will arrive at exactly the right temperature, no re-warm needed. If you snag this one BEFORE the holidays, we wouldn’t blame you.

Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Gone are the days of having to use the old school tire pressure gauge and hoping you’re reading it right but never really being quite sure. With a digital tire pressure gauge, you can take the guesswork out of it. Never wonder if those tires that look just a little bit low need more air or not. During the winter in the Front Range when the temperature changes from mild to cold in the snap of a finger, it’s important to be able to check your tires quickly and accurately. Those quick changes in weather can impact the pressure in your tires – and when there’s snow on the roads, you especially don’t want to be caught driving on under-filled tires.

Back Seat Organizer

Okay, this one is on the practical side of things, but if you know a new mom or a family that has a nearly impossible time keeping their vehicle organized, or someone who’s driving their car for Lyft or Uber and wants to offer their riders a more luxurious experience, you can’t beat a back seat organizer. It’s the perfect place to hold all the kids’ toys or beverages, tissues, charging cables, and mints or candy. Whatever you need it for, there are a number of options with different pockets of different sizes that can help anyone organize their vehicle, no matter how messy it might have been before.

Alexa-Enabled Car Charger

Those voice-activated assistants are pretty much everywhere these days, so why should your car be any different? An Alexa-Enabled car charger plugs into the cigarette lighter in your vehicle and charges your devices while also offering the power of Alexa in your vehicle. Want to add something to your shopping list? Order a pizza to arrive by the time you get home? Play a game or find a fun, random fact? Check the weather your final destination? This car charger has you covered and then some. We wouldn’t recommend gifting this one to your friend who’s afraid robots are taking over the world, though.

Whatever you or your favorite car fanatic is looking for, there’s a gadget to make it happen. This list is really just the tip of the iceberg, but it’s a good starting point. What are you gifting your autophiles this year?

How to Get Your Ski on Without Traversing I-70

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skiing while avoiding I-70We’re well into ski season now, but as the weather continues its wintery trend and more people hit the slopes, many of us are reminded of just how terrible getting to and from the resorts can be. While a lot of major ski resorts require a highly congested trip along the dreaded I-70, not all of them do. In fact, you can still do some great skiing without ever having to hop on the I-70 at all. Not sure where to start your quest for a non-I-70 slope? As your Denver auto body shop, here are some of our favorites.

Copper Mountain

Just a couple hours outside of Denver on the US 285, this is a highly trafficked mountain that has a naturally created skills-based gradient across the mountain. Skiiers and snowboarders looking for easier slopes will want to stick to the west side of the mountain while those ready for a challenge can move east and face harder runs. And in case you’re getting ready to give us the side-eye – yes, you can get to Copper Mountain via I-70. But you don’t have to.


Take the US 36 up through Nederland and you’ll find yourself at Eldora, ready to hit the slopes in less than 2 hours if you’re driving from Denver. Sure, it’s a smaller mountain, but it’s got plenty of family-friendly runs and you can’t beat not having to take I-70 and showing up in around an hour and a half. We’ll take shorter runs and a smaller mountain for those exceptional trade-offs.


It might take 3 hours on US-285, but Monarch is a gem that doesn’t ask you to sit in hours and hours of stopped traffic to arrive. The drive is fairly easy, and despite getting over 300 inches of snow annually, Monarch is extremely accessible. If you’re looking for something that’s doable in a day that still packs one hell of a skiing punch, it’s hard to beat this one.

Crested Butte

Another gem off US-285, Crested Butte is a perfectly preserved mining town just over 4 hours outside of Denver. Pack your weekend bag and enjoy your nearly stress-free drive to this stunning location. Spend the early morning moseying around the quaint downtown and hop on the free bus to the mountain when you’re ready to clip in and get some good runs in. There are plenty of places to stay in the town from Airbnbs to resorts and hotels – you have the ability to make your Crested Butte experience exactly what you want it to be.


And finally, what Colorado must-see list would be complete without this world-renowned gem. Telluride is definitely not a one-day journey from Denver, but if you have a long weekend to burn, avoid I-70 and enjoy some of the most breathtaking views Colorado has to offer with a 6 hour drive on US-285 to 5oW to Telluride. The ski options out there are amazing and the views are second to none. Add in the overall vibe of the town and the friendly downtown area and you’ve got the perfect picturesque getaway.

There’s nothing worse than starting your morning with an excited rush to hit the slopes only to be met with traffic that takes out half your planned day before you even arrive. There’s no getting around how popular I-70 is when it comes to certain mountain towns and ski resorts. And if your heart is set on one of those, you may have to deal with it. However, if you’re willing to try something new, give one of these a shot and you might be surprised to find a new favorite slope that doesn’t leave you with a major traffic headache.

The Best Winter Luxury Features for Your Vehicle

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winter car featuresWinter is fast approaching, and when the cold weather hits we can’t help but take stock of all the glorious advancements in technology that have made winter driving less terrible over the years. If you’re looking to upgrade your vehicle or are shopping for a vehicle and are wondering what features are really worth shelling out extra money for, don’t forget to consider some of these! It’s easy to forget how valuable they are when you’re driving through a sunny, warm Colorado summer, but you’ll be grateful for the ones you have when we’re facing frost, snow, and icy-cold temperatures every day.

Remote Start

Ah, the ability to know that your vehicle will be warm when you get into it without having to go out there and start it up yourself. What a beautiful gift. Remote start is one of our all-time favorite features for that exact reason. Just don’t forget that if your car is in the garage, you need to open the garage door before you use that remote start!

Heated, Well, Everything

The number of things in your vehicle that can be heated these days is impressive. Heated seats are an obvious must-have and have been a staple for winter weather driving for a while now. But now you can also get heated steering wheels, heated side mirrors (because who wants to scrape those tiny things? It’s always such a hassle!), and even a heated windshield to keep ice from building up during a particularly treacherous drive. Heated seats might be our favorite, but if you have the opportunity to have more than just your seats heated, we say take advantage! Being warm and cozy even as a snowstorm rages outside is one of the best things about all these advancements. Give us all-heated everything and we’ll be happy.

Wiper De-Icers

If you’ve ever driven around with icy windshield wipers when the snow starts falling you know that it’s not only inconvenient, it can be downright dangerous. Having wiper de-icers eliminates that danger by keeping them from gathering ice and slush or getting frozen to your windshield. These are considered a luxury feature, but if it’s a doable luxury for you, we highly recommend it.

Winter Tires

Okay, this is less of a luxury feature and more of a non-negotiable in Colorado, but any chance we get to mention winter tires, we’re going to take. Make sure you have your winter tires on by now! After all, good winter tires can help you avoid auto body repair. The tread on them is different, and some even react differently to cold temperatures, increasing traction by temperature-activated features. There’s a big difference between what your summer or all-season tires can do for you and what winter tires do for you. It’s not just about function, it’s about safety.

All-Wheel Drive

This is pretty standard in most vehicles these days, but if you’re new to Colorado and wondering if you can get by without it, we wouldn’t recommend it. All-wheel drive makes driving in inclement conditions so much easier and less stressful.

Winter in Colorado, while fairly mild overall, can throw some serious curveballs your way. When the weather gets particularly nasty or cold, it’s nice to know that you’ve got options for making your drive better, warmer, and a lot more comfortable. What are your favorite winter driving features?

Your Actual Options If Your Car Is Totaled

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options if car totalled

Totaled Car Options

Unfortunately, not every crash is minor, not every collision repair is simple. Sometimes, you find yourself in a position where your vehicle is “totaled.” If that’s the reality you’re facing, it helps to know what your options are. You don’t have to get rid of it, for example. So what are your actual options? Let’s look a little closer.

Contact Insurance

If you have insurance, the first and most obvious step here is to call your insurance company and begin the process of making a claim. When you do this, you’ll be on the hook for your deductible, but beyond that, the insurance company will be in charge of deciding if the car is beyond repair or not.

How Insurance Decides

This will vary slightly from company to company, but it often comes down to value. If the value of the vehicle itself is less than what it would cost to repair it back to working order, the insurance company will likely declare it “totaled.” In this situation, you have a couple of options. Depending on your insurance, you can work with them to replace your vehicle. Or, if you want to keep your vehicle, your insurance may cut you a check for the value of the car, minus any deductibles you owe. From there, you can pursue repairs on your own.

Consider Vehicle Safety

The first and most important consideration when it comes to repairing a “totaled” car is safety. You may be able to repair the vehicle to a point of functioning again, but that doesn’t mean it’s repaired to a point of being both functional and safe. If the safety of your vehicle cannot be restored through repairs, it might be best to walk away from it and use the insurance money to get a new car.

If you’re uninsured, and repairs are your only financial option, ensure that the safety of your vehicle can be restored and is priority number one for the team you’re working with. If the repairs are prohibitively expensive (getting a car back to safe working order from a totaled state isn’t exactly a cheap task), ask your repair shop if they can work with you to create a payment plan.

Future Insurance

It’s worth considering the fact that your vehicle’s history (and your driving history) is factored into your insurance rates. If you repair a totaled car but it isn’t good as new (which is a very difficult thing to accomplish at a certain point), getting affordable coverage may be difficult. It’s a good idea to factor in potential increases in insurance when you’re looking at the cost of repair versus the cost of investing in a new vehicle. If your car has recently been totaled and you’re not sure what to do next, give us a call at 303-344-2212. We can help provide a collision repair estimate for you so you can make an informed decision.

Insurance Savings Tips With Teens

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insurance saving tipsSure, the idea of keeping your kids off the road forever might be a good one, but we all know that doesn’t work forever. So what do you do when your teen is ready to get behind the wheel and you’re crunching the numbers for what it might do to your insurance bill? Adding a teenaged driver to your family’s insurance policy can spike your rates upwards of 80% sometimes. But it doesn’t have to be such a steep increase. With a little creative thinking and some inquiries into your current insurance company (and other companies, too), you can face a much more reasonable increase. Give these things a shot and see how you shake out.

Driver’s Ed Matters

Half the reason rates increase so sharply when you add a teen onto your policy is because of the lack of experience. If your teen is taking (and passes) Driver’s Ed, there are discounts available. Completing a Driver’s Ed course proves to your insurance company that they have taken the time to not only learn, on paper, the rules of the road, but have had some time to practice them under a supervised eye, too.

Check that Report Card

That “Stay in School” slogan is good for more than just getting your kids through high school and into college. And those good grades on their report card might be worth more than a better shot at scholarships, too. Many insurance agencies offer discounts for good grades that can help lower the impact of adding your teen to your family’s policy, too.

Ask About Discount Programs

Though new drivers are unlikely to be eligible for many discounts that are available to drivers who have been on the road for awhile, they may be eligible to take part in smart driving discount programs that operate based off of a device plugged into your vehicle for 30-90 days. These programs aren’t always the best bet, but if your teen driver follows the rules of the road and doesn’t have a lead-foot problem, you could save big. Because these programs work based off data collected by the vehicles and not a rate assigned due to age, it’s your teen’s chance to shine.

Accept the Inevitable

No matter how careful your teen is on the road, you’re still likely to deal with the follies of an inexperienced driver. Saving as much money as you can is great, but there’s still a 50% chance that your teen will be one of the half that are involved in a car crash before they graduate high school. Sometimes knowing that this is a possibility (and maybe even an inevitability) can help take the pressure off you and your kid. Mistakes happen, and as long as you have insurance that can keep you covered when they do, you should be good to go.

Putting a new driver on the road is a nerve-wracking experience. It’s exciting and terrifying. Lessen the fear by knowing that even if your teen does find themselves in an accident, the team at Accurate Auto Body is here for your auto body repair to help you get back on your feet and back on the road as fast as possible.

Winter Driving Prep

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winter driving prepWe’ve faced our first snow in the Front Range and now all of our minds are starting to wonder – when will winter rear its head again? When will it be here to stay? Before you bet on that office pool for the last day of fall, take a little time to make sure you’re prepared at home. As your auto body shop, we all know that road conditions can go from perfect to dangerous in no time at all in Colorado, so what do you need to know to ensure your vehicle is ready to make it through the season?

It’s All About the Tires

Tires matter big time when it comes to winter driving. If you’re wondering why we’ve got one word for you: Traction. It’s the big decider on whether or not you stay on the road or start skidding. Good traction means no problem sticking to the road where you’re supposed to, but traction gets tricky in the winter. Snow and ice both mess with traction and if you don’t have 1) the proper tires equipped to handle such weather and 2) the proper levels of inflation in said tires, you could be setting yourself up for a messy and potentially dangerous season.

Prepare for the Worst

It’s not the most optimistic way to look at things, but it is the best way to ensure you’re prepared no matter what. Consider your winter weather driving worst-case scenario. Got it? For most, it’s either crashed in a ditch or stranded with no idea of when you might find help or be able to get yourself out of the situation. We recommend preparing for both of these situations. Have an emergency kit put together and stored in your car before the weather gets bad. Include extra layers of clothing, food, water, a radio, portable chargers and batteries, spare tires, a snow shovel, hand and foot warmers, etc. Whatever you know you need in your kit to get through a night in your car stranded – pack that.

Visibility Matters

This goes both ways. You need to be visible to oncoming traffic and you need to be able to see while you’re driving. Are your headlights working? Are your wiper blades in good condition? What about your wiper fluid? Chances are you haven’t touched the latter since last winter, so it’s probably time to top up with some wiper fluid rated for –30 degrees. Make sure your back up, rearview, and any other external cameras your vehicle might have are cleared off and ready for your next trip. All of these things can help increase your visibility and increase your ability to see others on the road, no matter what the weather.

Give ‘Em Space

It’s a good idea to get in the habit of driving like its winter now. Practice staying a little further back from the vehicle in front of you. Giving adequate space year-round is a good idea, but it’s extra important when the weather gets dicey and a hard brake could cause a multi-car pile-up pretty quick. Getting in the habit now will help you avoid those kinds of mistakes when it really matters.

Thinking about and prepping for winter isn’t exactly the most exciting time of the year for many, but it’s a worthwhile endeavor. A little extra time spent thinking ahead and prepping now could save you money, time, frustration, and disaster in the long run. And, if you do have need of auto body repair, give us a call for a free estimate.

Car Insurance Tips for The Right Coverage

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Car insurance is one of those weird things in life – you know you need it, it always comes in handy when you least expect it (such as when you need an auto body shop), and chances are you pay a pretty penny out of pocket monthly for it, but you don’t necessarily understand it. If you’re looking to get coverage or maximize your current coverage, here are a few tips.

Investigate Deductibles

Deductibles are arguably one of the most confusing parts of your auto insurance coverage, but they are also the place where you can see the biggest impact on your monthly spending. Before you choose a high deductible in order to save more monthly, you should consider your driving habits. Do you go to the mountains a lot? Do you spend a lot of time on the highway, especially during high-traffic periods (i.e. rush hour)? If so, you probably don’t want a high deductible. Even something as seemingly small as a rock flying up from the highway or off the back of a truck and into your windshield can cost you way more than you anticipated if your deductible is high. Look at the last five years of your driving life. How many times have you been in the auto body or glass repair shop? This is a good idea to factor in when considering what coverage is best for you, too.

Factor in Your Vehicle

Whether you like it or not, the type of vehicle you have will impact your insurance rates. The year, make, model, and even color will have an impact on what kind of risk your auto insurance company considers you to be. Think about this when you’re looking for the best rates and see what insights you can get into which companies factor which pieces of information in which ways.

Discounts, Discounts, Discounts

Almost every top-rated (and you should always go with top-rated) insurance company out there offers a plethora of discounts and discount programs. No matter what your coverage levels, you should absolutely take advantage of the programs that make sense for you. Some discounts will be applied automatically for things like automatic payments, paperless billing, bundling auto and home insurance, even something like your status as a credit union member can save you money! Then there are performance-based discounts with things like Smart Drive with State Farm and other similar, device-monitored discount programs. By the time you’re done racking up the discounts, you might be surprised to find that you’re paying a fraction of what you thought you would be!

Don’t Skip Your Annual Rate Check

Even if you’re perfectly happy with your rates, coverage, and insurance company, we always recommend doing an annual rate check. There’s nothing wrong with shopping identical coverage across the top-rated insurance companies and seeing if there’s money to be saved by switching.

Exactly what kind of coverage works best for you will vary depending on your individual needs, but keeping these things in mind as you’re shopping or looking to increase coverage or reduce costs will help you find the right fit, for the right price.