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Car Insurance Tips for The Right Coverage

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Car insurance is one of those weird things in life – you know you need it, it always comes in handy when you least expect it (such as when you need an auto body shop), and chances are you pay a pretty penny out of pocket monthly for it, but you don’t necessarily understand it. If you’re looking to get coverage or maximize your current coverage, here are a few tips.

Investigate Deductibles

Deductibles are arguably one of the most confusing parts of your auto insurance coverage, but they are also the place where you can see the biggest impact on your monthly spending. Before you choose a high deductible in order to save more monthly, you should consider your driving habits. Do you go to the mountains a lot? Do you spend a lot of time on the highway, especially during high-traffic periods (i.e. rush hour)? If so, you probably don’t want a high deductible. Even something as seemingly small as a rock flying up from the highway or off the back of a truck and into your windshield can cost you way more than you anticipated if your deductible is high. Look at the last five years of your driving life. How many times have you been in the auto body or glass repair shop? This is a good idea to factor in when considering what coverage is best for you, too.

Factor in Your Vehicle

Whether you like it or not, the type of vehicle you have will impact your insurance rates. The year, make, model, and even color will have an impact on what kind of risk your auto insurance company considers you to be. Think about this when you’re looking for the best rates and see what insights you can get into which companies factor which pieces of information in which ways.

Discounts, Discounts, Discounts

Almost every top-rated (and you should always go with top-rated) insurance company out there offers a plethora of discounts and discount programs. No matter what your coverage levels, you should absolutely take advantage of the programs that make sense for you. Some discounts will be applied automatically for things like automatic payments, paperless billing, bundling auto and home insurance, even something like your status as a credit union member can save you money! Then there are performance-based discounts with things like Smart Drive with State Farm and other similar, device-monitored discount programs. By the time you’re done racking up the discounts, you might be surprised to find that you’re paying a fraction of what you thought you would be!

Don’t Skip Your Annual Rate Check

Even if you’re perfectly happy with your rates, coverage, and insurance company, we always recommend doing an annual rate check. There’s nothing wrong with shopping identical coverage across the top-rated insurance companies and seeing if there’s money to be saved by switching.

Exactly what kind of coverage works best for you will vary depending on your individual needs, but keeping these things in mind as you’re shopping or looking to increase coverage or reduce costs will help you find the right fit, for the right price.

Transitioning to Snow Tires

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snow tire transitionWell, Front Rangers, we’ve officially done it. We’ve reached the part of the year where snow is entering the forecast. Thursday calls for snow, and as your Denver auto body shop, we thought it would be as good a time as any to brush up on what you need to know about transitioning to snow tires.

What to Consider

Of course, you want to consider the weather. Snow tires aren’t really meant to be on your vehicle for long periods of time when there isn’t snow on the ground. They’re built to handle the chill, the snow, and in some cases, even help make the ice a little less dangerous. Obviously, with that little snowflake on the map for Thursday, now would be a good time. But it’s also worth considering whether or not that snow will stay. Is it the first snow of a long Winter season, or the first snow that will give way to an Indian summer or a few more weeks of fall before snow becomes a consistent part of our lives again?

When to Change

When the temperatures are consistently chilly and snow is in the forecast is an excellent time to swap them out. After a few chilly weeks, it’s reasonably safe to assume that winter is on the horizon and plan accordingly. If you’re not sure whether or not you accidentally forgot to swap your winter tires out last year, check for a snowflake on the tire. That will give you your answer! Aim to change them when the weather starts to get worse, but be cautious about waiting too long. You don’t want to be stuck in the middle of a blizzard without the right tires to help you drive safely through it.

How to Change

First things first, we recommend using a different set of rims with your winter tires if you can make that work. This will save tons of time when it comes time to swap them out. However, if you’re not able to go that far, we would recommend taking them to a place that swaps tires out professionally. Getting a set of tires onto pre-existing rims isn’t exactly the easiest task to take on if you’re not already familiar with the process.

What to Check

There are a number of things you should check once you have those winter tires on and ready to roll. You’ll want to check the rims and make sure everything is fitting well. Check for that snowflake, you know, just in case. Make sure it’s on all four. Check the air pressure and fill where needed. Because the tread is one of the most important parts of a winter tire, checking the tread is extremely important. Is it thick enough to handle another season? If it’s thinning out, you may want to consider buying a new set. A threadbare tire is dangerous in any season and can be downright deadly on snowy streets.

Not sure where to start with changing your vehicle’s tires over to the winter-ready ones? Give us a call and we can help!

Where to Find the Best Fall Colors in Colorado

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Sure, September has started out pretty warm, but we all know fall is just around the corner. And with the crisper mornings will soon come the changing leaves. If you’ve lived in Colorado long, you know that the excitement around the fall colors peaks about this time of year, and for good reason. But if you haven’t planned your family trip to see those lush colors yet, here are some suggestions for gorgeous places to hit up.

North to South

Really, you’ve got a solid month or so to see the colors at their peak – it all comes down to how far you’re willing to drive. In northern areas like Steamboat Springs and Fort Collins, the colors are already starting to change. But when you head south, they’ll be at their peak in places like Durango and Alamosa closer to mid-October. Pick a weekend that works for you and plan accordingly.

Rocky Mountain National Park

This park is beautiful pretty much any time of year, but it reaches a stunning peak of beauty in the fall when the trails resemble postcards and paintings more than anything else. Rich reds, deep oranges, and the classic golden aspens create that perfect fall feeling in a well-preserved and cared for setting. If you only get to one place this fall, RMNP is an excellent choice.

San Juan Skyway

For the later weeks in the fall color show, the San Juan Skyway which takes you down to Durango and Ouray is an excellent choice. With breathtaking views of mountains, trees, and not a lot else, this scenic drive is worth the hours it takes to get there.

Boreas Pass

You can head south from Frisco and get through beautiful Breckenridge with this pass, or you can head outside of Nederland and get a good hike in at the Indian Peaks Wilderness, your choice. If you choose the former, don’t just stop at Breck. Drive further to Como, down an unpaved road where you can catch an unmatched view of the Blue River Valley surrounded with those postcard-perfect aspen leaves.

Best in Years

Though the colors are a little slow to change this year, rest assured you’re in for one heck of a show when they do. With the snow-filled winter, the wet spring, and the consistent rain throughout the summer, this season’s colors promise to be the “best in years,” many news stations are reporting. So whatever you thought you had planned for the next few weekends, maybe clear that calendar and get your camera ready for some truly stunning Colorado beauty.

If your fall color road trip doesn’t quite go as planned – maybe that Elk came out of nowhere, or you took that curve just a little too tight and fast and require auto body repair – the team at Accurate Auto Body is here to help get you back on the road safely and quickly.

Things Everyone Should Know About Their Car

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car maintenance basicsCar Maintenance Basics

Vehicle ownership comes with a lot of responsibility. Often times, that responsibility comes down to knowing when you should take your vehicle into the professionals to keep you and everyone traveling with you (and besides you on the road) safe, but there are some things every vehicle owner should know how to do for themselves. As your auto body shop, we’re going to run through the basics you should have under your belt to help you make informed decisions about your vehicle and to keep it in the best condition possible.

Understanding Tire Pressure

Keeping your tires in the appropriate pressure range seems like it would be easy. If it looks flat, it needs air, right? Well, yes, definitely. But there are more nuances to it than that. A tire that doesn’t look flat might still be low on tire pressure, and it’s important to know not only what constitutes low tire pressure for your vehicle and tires, but also what the right range to stay in is, as well. This information should be in your manufacturer’s guide, or you can consult your favorite mechanic, but it’s important to know that an over-pressurized tire is just as, if not more, dangerous than an under-pressurized tire.

How to Change a Tire

We’ve all seen the movies. The one where a couple or a group of friends or a family winds up stranded on the side of the road because they blew a tire. It’s never a fun situation, but it’s even less fun when you don’t know what to do to get back on the road and out of the borderline-beginning-of-a-horror-movie scene. Knowing how to change a tire is not as difficult as it seems, but it’s worth learning to do correctly. Check YouTube, or again, ask your favorite mechanic, and make sure you do a practice run (or 5) before you find yourself in a situation where you need to execute the tire change quickly and correctly.

Checking Oil

Everyone should be able to check their own oil. Relying on the sticker from the oil change place isn’t always going to cut it. Those stickers run off a standard system that isn’t universally applicable to all vehicles. Some vehicles use oil faster than others. Learning your vehicles’ tendencies may take some time, but understanding how to pull the dip stick and check it for your oil level is one of those things you should do regularly. Keeping your vehicle with the proper levels of oil is an important step for overall vehicle maintenance.

Decipher the Lights

All those fancy lights on your dash that pop on and off? They mean something, and half the mystery of being a vehicle owner is figuring out what that is. Each of those indicators exist to keep you and your vehicle safe, so ignoring them is not the answer! But being able to decipher which need immediate (read: reroute to the mechanic’s shop) attention and which can wait until you can schedule an appointment should be on your to-do list if it’s not already something you know inside and out.

There are many other things vehicle owners can learn about their cars, vans, trucks, SUVs, and more that will help in varying degrees, but knowing these basics creates the perfect foundation from which to learn more (or not) depending on your interests!

Heavy Rain Driving Tips

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rain driving tipsWe’re officially out of snowy season in the Front Range (thank goodness) but if you’ve been here for any length of time, you know that the sunny hiking season often brings heavy storms in the afternoons. They move through quickly, but with a lot of power behind them, and it’s important to know how to deal with that if you’re on the road. From prevention to things you can do when you’re caught in the middle of a downpour, here are some of our best tips for driving in heavy rain. The fact of the matter is, we see just about as many collisions here at the auto body shop as a result of thunderstorms as snowstorms.

Pull Over

If the rain is really coming down, we always recommend pulling over if you can manage to do so. It’s the safest option for you and those around you. Thankfully, in Denver and surrounding areas, the storms we see in the afternoons often pass through quickly, so pulling over and waiting ten minutes to see if it lightens up is always our first suggestion.

Beware of Hydroplaning

One of the biggest dangers with torrential rains is the chance of hydroplaning. A sudden influx of water on the roads can make it harder for your vehicle to gain traction. If you find yourself hydroplaning, it’s important to remember NOT to press on the gas. Calmy take your foot off the gas and steer in the direction your car needs to go. Do not turn abruptly or press on the brakes, either.

Headlights and Hazards

Many vehicles come equipped with an auto-on for headlights, and having this feature in place is very helpful when inclement weather rears its head. Ensuring your headlights are on any time the rain starts falling, especially when it stars falling heavily, is key to alerting other drivers to your position. If the downpour is exceptionally rough and you’re driving at a much slower pace than you normally would, sometimes turning your hazards on can be a good idea, as well. It can alert oncoming drivers to the fact that you are driving slowly and they should take precaution as needed.


When the rain pours down, the humidity rises, and that can mean fogged up windshields. Visibility is already reduced in the case of heavy rainfall, so furthering that issue with a fogged up windshield is not helpful. Make sure to ventilate your vehicle properly (most will have a setting specifically to help with this – the windshield symbol with the squiggly lines going up through it).

Don’t Follow Closely

You should always keep an adequate amount of distance between yourself and the vehicle in front of you no matter what the weather, but it’s especially important when rain is falling heavily. With weather like that, the vehicle in front of you may hydroplane unexpectedly, or be forced to slow down quickly, and you want to allow plenty of space for you to react as needed and keep yourself and any other drivers nearby as safe as possible.

The Danger of Standing Water

Perhaps the most dangerous part of driving in heavy rain is standing water. It seems harmless enough, but heavy rain can cause flash flooding and instances of standing water that could very well sweep your car away, make you lose control, or negatively impact the electrical components of your vehicle. Standing water also greatly increases your chances of hydroplaning. All in all, if you see standing water in your way and can alter your route, we highly recommend that.

There is plenty to be on the lookout for when the heavens open up and the rain starts pouring down, but with properly maintained tires, and a good understanding of the safety measures you should take, you should be just fine! If you find yourself with a damaged car requiring auto body repair in the aftermath of a rainy day, give us a call. Our experienced team will get you back on the road in no time.

Best Food Stops on Route 66

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route 66

Route 66 Dining

Road trip season is right around the corner. With school out of session and warmer weather coming down the pike, families everywhere are starting to plan their trips to new destinations, both nearby and far-off. Of all the classic trips out there, is there really any that can beat the truest classic – the Route 66 trip? If you want to take on part of this epic byway this summer, make sure you ink a few of these fabulous food stops into your itinerary. After all, what’s a road trip without delicious, greasy dive food and unusual bites along the way?

Le Roy’s Highland Restaurant

This stop in Monrovia, CA has been serving more food than you could (or should) possible eat in one sitting – especially when you’re getting back into a car for who knows how many hours – but their delicious take on everything from burgers with pastrami to breakfast burritos featuring tots is a must-stop.

Westside Lilo’s Café

Westside Lilo’s and their ginormous cinnamon rolls of deliciousness were featured on Diner’s, Drive-Ins, and Dives so you know there’s some goodness and grease awaiting you behind the doors of this Seligman, AZ stop. It’s a diner that thrives on serving the classic things you expect from diners plus a few German specialties (go for the schnitzel, you won’t regret it!). Enjoy a mug of coffee in a classic Route 66 mug to get the caffeine kick you need to make it through the next leg of your trip without falling asleep at the wheel!

Donut Drive-In

While you’re passing through St. Louis, the Donut Drive-In is a great morning stop (or any time of day stop, really. Who doesn’t want a donut for lunch or dinner? Plus, everyone knows road trip time is different than regular time). With sugar sweet confections and delicious coffee concoctions to accompany them, the Donut Drive-In offers a unique cash-only, grab-n-go method that’s perfect for fueling up without missing a beat on your way to your next destination.

Waylan’s Ku-Ku Burger

If this one sounds a little familiar, that’s probably because it used to be all over the place. Now, the only remaining location can be found right along the side of Route 66 in Miami, OK (not FL!) and is a great place to go to grab tots with jack cheese and green onions or a simple cheeseburger that will fuel you up for the miles ahead.

Midpoint Café and Gift Shop

No matter how much of the highway you’re tackling this summer, the Midpoint Café in Adrian, TX is a must-stop for one very simple reason – it’s the halfway point along Route 66. Grab what’s boasted as the best burger along the historic highway and indulge yourself in one of their signature Ugly Pies.

Wherever you’re headed this summer, make sure your vehicle is ready for the trip. Keep up with general maintenance, and if you’re in need of auto body repair, now’s the time to take care of them. Give us a call and we can get you road trip ready in no time.

Keeping Your Car’s Interior Clean Increase the Value

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clean car interior

Caring for your vehicle goes beyond regular maintenance and running it through the wash every time you can write your name on the windows. An often-overlooked piece of the vehicle maintenance puzzle is the interior. Remember when you first got your vehicle and it was all spick and span inside? Nothing on the floor mats, no boxes cluttering the foot space or piled in the trunk. Then life happens, and you rush from one place to the next, and that perfectly clean interior falls into disarray. Hey, we get it. The number of times we’ve pulled fistfuls of receipts and fast food wrappers out from under our seats after a road trip is significant. But there are benefits to keeping the interior of your car clean, and we’re going to talk about them a little more today.

There are Different Ways to Detail

Fun fact before we get in too deep – when people hear “get your car detailed” they usually think interior, and that can be true, but there are other types of detailing, too. You can get your exterior detailed to restore and protect sun damage, scratches, and other small dings.  You can get your vehicle’s engine detailed to clean away loose dirt, wipe down the components, and make sure everything is properly protected to prevent cracking. But today, we’re focusing on what kind of value the interior of your car gets when you get it detailed.

Interior Detailing

Your vehicle’s interior sees the most wear and tear of your vehicle, really. The carpeting, upholstery, trim and mats bear witness to countless food and beverage spills, smoke damage, dirt, mud, snow, pets, receipts and paper, the list goes on. When you take your car in to get the interior detailed, they vacuum and shampoo the inside of your vehicle, as well as restore the dashboard, upholstery, making the interior of your vehicle good as new!

Increasing Your Vehicle’s Value

Keeping the inside of your vehicle, like the outside and critical machinery components, as close to impeccable condition as possible increases your vehicle’s value. It’s a testament to the care you put into the vehicle over the course of its life, and an indicator to potential buyers that they can expect a long, healthy life out of what you’re selling. Plus, the aesthetic factor can’t be dismissed. If you’re trying to sell your vehicle, just like you would if you were selling your house, you want it to look its best.

Keeping it Clean

Of course, not everyone can afford to get their vehicle regularly detailed, so it’s just as important to take your own steps to keep the interior of your vehicle clean in between details, or even if you never get a professional detail done. You can vacuum the interior of your vehicle, with or without shampoo, all on your own. Clear the clutter once a week, taking any trash that may have accumulated out and disposing of it properly. This will not only help keep the value of your vehicle higher, it will also ensure that the wear and tear on your vehicle’s interior is minimized. Minimal interior damage prolongs the life of your vehicle.

There are a number of benefits to keeping the interior of your vehicle clean year-round, from increased value to a better in-car experience for you and your passengers. What are your best interior-cleaning tips?

Skid Recovery

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skid recoverySkid Recovery Tips

Winter in Colorado comes in fits and starts, and usually takes us all by surprise. When that severe winter weather hits, it’s not unusual to see more accidents, more vehicles losing control and winding up in the ditch, and more skidding. The best way to survive a skid is to never have it happen in the first place, but if you find yourself in a situation where you’re losing traction and control, there are ways to correct the issue. Still, it’s important to know that skidding is extremely dangerous, and prevention is the best way to avoid any potential negative outcomes.

Don’t Assume You Know

As it turns out, being taught skid recovery in driver’s ed doesn’t mean you’re actually prepared to handle it if it happens on the road. In fact, there’s a chance you’re worse off if you’ve been “taught” how to handle a skid in the past. It’s less important whether or not the information was technically correct or not, and more about what having that “knowledge” does for your confidence. Or, in many instances, overconfidence. The feeling that you could recover easily leads many drivers to feel like they’re invincible. One of the best ways to handle a potential skidding situation is to know that skidding is a risk, and preparing to act accordingly if you find yourself in a skid.

Hands on the Wheel

A lot of classes teach you to shift into neutral when you experience a skid, but this is almost never a beneficial thing to do. Instead, keep your hands on the wheel. You’ll need them both there to help you recover.

Eliminate the Cause

If possible, get rid of the reason you’re skidding. If you started sliding because you sped up too quickly, take your foot off the gas pedal. A lot of times, eliminating the cause may not be possible, and even if it is possible, you’re still skidding, so the next couple of steps are the most important.

Steer Into the Skid…Sometimes

If you have rear-wheel or all-wheel drive, steering into the skid is your best bet. That means you need to turn the wheel in the same direction that your wheels are going. This should help correct the direction. If you’re driving a front-wheel vehicle and begin to skid, straighten the steering wheel out.

Trust the ABS

ABS systems exist for a reason, and they can come in handy when you start to lose control. If, when you press on the brakes, you get that stuttery feeling, that’s just the ABS doing its job! Keep pressing on the brakes while you steer into the skid whenever this is possible.

Prevention First

While those tips can help you recover from a skid with (hopefully) minimum damage, prevention is where you avoid damage entirely. The best way to prevent a skid is to pay attention. Pay attention to your surroundings, pay attention to the road conditions, and drive accordingly! Don’t drive too fast, or follow other vehicles too closely, or try to come out of a stop too aggressively. Take steering easy, and slow down around turns. In short, be careful!

If you find yourself facing vehicle damage at the hands of a skid that you couldn’t quite steer out of, contact the trusted team at Accurate Auto Body for your auto body repair.

Are Monthly Car Wash Memberships Worth It?

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car wash membershipsCar Wash Memberships – Are They Worth It?

Washing the car- that thing on the to-do list that sometimes you take a couple weeks too long to actually check off. Especially this time of year, when the temperatures drop and the idea of getting your car wet, even with the powerful dryers some car washes have, seems like a recipe for frozen doors. And yet, keeping your vehicle clean and getting it washed regularly is an important part of vehicle ownership. It prevents rust and unnecessary wear and tear that dirt, grime, slush, and sprayback from the salt on the road after winter weather can cause – which can be contributing factors for auto body repair. If you’ve looked into car washes lately, you’ve probably noticed a car wash or two offering monthly memberships. Are these kinds of car wash memberships really worth it? Well, as with any sort of subscription, the answer depends, and there are a few things you should consider.

Weigh Your Options

If one of your local car wash spots offers a monthly membership program, chances are another one does, too. Do your research and see what kinds of options, and at what price points are available to you before you make your decision. That way you know what is available to you, and, depending on which shop is closest to you (making it more convenient) you may even be able to use the other programs’ components as leverage to negotiate an additional feature. We don’t make any promises, but hey, it’s worth a shot, right?

What’s Included

Take special note of what’s included in the membership, and if there are different levels of membership what the cost difference is, as well as the difference in price between the services offered in each membership on a single-wash scale. Often, the memberships are created with the hopes of saving drivers money, but it’s important to take a critical look at the value of the membership to make sure it’s really worth it, too.

How Often Will You Go, Really?

Here’s the real bottom line. If you’re considering a monthly car wash membership, you need to make sure you’re using it enough to get your money’s worth. If you sign up and then forget to take your vehicle through the wash for….three months….then no, it’s not worth your money. But if you’re serious about keeping your vehicle clean or are using this membership as an excuse to get more serious about that, you should be good. Do the math – how many regular washes, or premium if some of those premium features are included in the membership would it take for you to spend more on washes in a month than it costs for the membership? Is that a number of times you can see yourself washing your vehicle in a month? Is that a number of times your vehicle NEEDS to be washed in a month? If the answer to those last two questions is yes, then you’ve probably got a pretty good value on your hands!

Ask About Extra Perks

Again, we can’t guarantee anything here, and most car washes with monthly membership programs lay out all the perks in the details of the membership itself, but if you’re looking for a little something to sweeten the deal, ask about any extra perks that might not be listed in the membership details. Maybe you get a special birthday gift, or free air fresheners twice a year, or maybe they’ll offer you a discount on detailing if you keep the membership for a whole year. Who knows?! But it’s worth asking about.

Regardless of the perks and the details of the membership, if you decide this is a good move for you and your vehicle, don’t forget our biggest piece of advice: Use the thing, already! Get the most bang for your buck and relish the fact that you’re driving a spotless car more or less all the time.

Car Insurance Facts for New Drivers

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car insurance facts for new driversFor first time drivers, knowing where to start with insurance can be a tricky game. If you’re trying to figure it out for yourself, here are a few things to keep in mind as you navigate the wild world of automotive insurance with your first vehicle.

Know What’s Required

In every state, there are different requirements for what you need in order to get automotive insurance. Furthermore, you need to be familiar with the minimum amount of coverage your state requires in order for you to legally drive. Many states require liability insurance, while the rest is optional, while many other states also require personal injury protection and uninsured motorist coverage. To find out what the requirements are in your state, head to the DMV’s website.

What Does Coverage Mean?

It’s important to learn the lingo when you’re determining what insurance might be best for you. Whether you’re 16 and getting on the road as soon as you’re legally able, or you’ve been living that car-less life for a while, and are only just now getting your license and starting to drive, there’s a lot to understand in order to make sure you can get what you really need to keep your pocketbook safe in the event of injury or collision.

Coverage is just that – what’s covered by your insurance, after you hit your deductible, in the event of the incident that your coverage details. There are a number of different types of coverage. There’s collision coverage, personal injury, liability, uninsured motorist, and comprehensive coverages. What’s covered under each will vary slightly from insurance provider to insurance provider, so make sure to ask questions. Understanding the coverage you’re choosing for your automobile will save a lot of headaches if a collision occurs.

Learn more about Denver’s Accurate Auto Body Shop.

What Determines Your Rate?

What determines your rate is also variable state by state, and some states weigh certain variables more heavily than others. As a baseline, the things that are almost always considered when figuring out your rate are: length of time driving (sorry!), driving record (if you’ve crashed before, or have several citations on your record, your rates will likely be higher), age, and coverage levels (if you have less coverage, or higher deductibles, you are likely to have lower rates, but are open to greater out-of-pocket expenses in the event of a collision). Don’t be afraid to ask what’s being considered when you source quotes from insurance companies. It’s also a good idea to ask what kinds of discounts they offer – some offer discounts for good grades, or for things like being a member of a credit union. You never know until you ask!

Understand Bundling

Sometimes, there are savings to be had if you are in need of different types of insurance and decide to use a single provider for all of them. Ask your insurance provider (or several providers if you’re in quote-gathering mode) what discounts they offer for bundling. The most common bundles often include things like automotive and homeowners, or automotive and renter’s insurance. Look at your situation and determine if bundling might be a good option for you – and if it is, make sure to know what kind of discount you’re dealing with so you can decide if it’s really worth your while.

There’s Always More to Learn

Look, we’re not going to lie. Automotive insurance is complex. These basics will help you get started and feel comfortable having conversations with insurance providers, as well as enable you to be an advocate for yourself with a foundation of knowledge. However, if you find the topic fascinating, there is always more to learn. The DMV website is a great place to dive deeper and start to become your own personal automotive insurance expert, if that’s your thing. And if it’s not, simply making sure you have the right coverage for your peace of mind is really all you need to do.