When you need auto body repair here in Denver, our highly skilled customer service technicians are well-trained professionals here to listen to you. We understand that every person’s needs and expectations are different. We are here to provide you with the most comprehensive car repair plan to suit your needs while ensuring the structural integrity and safety of your vehicle.

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Customized Auto Repair Consulting

Whether you want to spruce up your vehicle, or your car has been damaged by a third party or by accident, our team is dedicated to understanding your unique situation, and help you through the process in six easy steps.

  1. Listen to your repair goals
  2. Inspect your vehicle with you
  3. Provide recommendations and options to best suit you
  4. Address all your questions
  5. Formulate your personal repair plan
  6. Set expectations up front

Every consultation starts with us listening to your goals. We want to know what you want to achieve from this repair. That’s the only way we can know what to recommend for your repair. Some customers want to restore their “baby” back to pristine condition when repairing dents or hail damage. Others just want to make sure their car is reliable and won’t get them a ticket. Some people only want to work with what the insurance company offers, while others are prepared to pay more to address their personal priorities.

With your goals in mind, we’ll inspect your vehicle together. We’ll ask some questions and may need to open the car up or crawl underneath, depending on the damage.

collision repair

On the basis of your goals and our inspection, we’ll make some recommendations. Usually, there are multiple paths to getting the results you want for your car. Sometimes, there are a few distinct plans, and you pick one. Other times, it’s an a la carte menu – you can pick the options you want and leave the others undone. Paintless dent repair can make your repair dollars go further, but it’s not always appropriate for your damage.

At this point, you’ll probably have questions. The most common we get are: “How much will this cost?” And “When will this be done?” We can give you straight answers to these and many other questions—that’s what we do.

Once you’ve chosen your options, we’ll compile your personal repair plan. This will include any legally required repairs and all the options you’ve chosen. It will be clearly itemized.

Before you leave your car with us, we’ll make sure to set expectations up front. We will go over the total cost of the repairs and the timeframe for their completion. Remember, with our Focus on You Service System™, this price and completion date are guaranteed. We’ll also remind you of any optional repairs you might have chosen against. We’ll let you know what this might mean for the appearance and function of your vehicle. Our goal is that you will have no surprises when you pick up your car – everything will be exactly as we promised it would be.

Dealing with Insurance and Third Parties

We will also help you with claims filing.  If you decide to file a claim, we will help you with exactly how to proceed.

We’ve worked with insurance companies many times before. We know how to make the process go as smoothly as possible.

Accurate Auto Body Cares about You

At Accurate Auto Body, we care about making our clients happy. That’s why we created the Focus on You Service System™:

  • We’ll treat you with respect
  • We’ll work around your schedule
  • We provide you with guaranteed pricing and completion dates
  • We’ll fix it right the first time

Treating you with respect means many things, including speaking to you clearly so you understand exactly what’s going on with your car. We’ll start in plain language, but if you have technical car knowledge, we’re happy to explain things technically, too.

We understand that your car is an essential part of your life. We will do what we can to make sure repairing your car doesn’t interfere with your life, and we’ll set up drop off and pick up times that are most convenient for you.

The two worst things about some mechanics are that they will give you a quote, then raise the price, or promise your car at a certain time, then keep it for weeks longer. We never do that. Our price and completion dates are firm. Any time you want, you can check on your car’s repair status.

The other terrible thing a mechanic might do is claim your car is fixed, but then you find it’s not. We make sure your car is fixed right the first time.

Above all, we are here to help, in whatever way works best for you!  We’re always here to help. Please call 303-344-2212 or use our online form to request a free estimate.

What are they Saying?

I can assure you that it was very refreshing to do business with your company. Very professional, very courteous, very respectful of my vehicle and VERY "down to earth!" Your work was very through, done right and right on time. It was my pleasure to business with you...although I can't necessarily say I'm looking forward to doing business with you again...BUT if needs be, I will NOT HESITATE to be a repeat customer!!! If I could, I would rate your company a SOLID 15 out of 10!!!!

Fred - Denver