No Insurance Auto Body Repair in Aurora & Denver

At Accurate Auto Body, we understand that not all repairs will be insurance claims. If you have no insurance, but need auto body repairs, regardless of whether your repair is through an insurance claim or not, we will help you through the entire process. After all, our sole goal is to ensure you get your repair handled professionally and in a timely matter no matter your particular circumstance. If you have no insurance, you can still expect our second to none personal touch and care when it comes to getting your car repaired and back on the road. No other Denver auto body repair company can provide our level of service and dedication to our customers.

Personal Consultation from Our Auto Body Shop Experts

We consult with you on exactly what you are looking for with your repair, what your budget is, and what results you would like to achieve. Our goal is to provide you with peace of mind that things will be handled right when it comes to your auto body repair. Plus, during the entire repair process, we will keep you updated as to status of your repairs to ensure you get your car or truck back in a timely manner.

Customized Repair Solutions to Fit Your Budget

We understand that it is tough having to deal with an unexpected auto body repair with no insurance. That is why we offer you options to best accommodate your unique situation.  We will present you with several repair level options, from good to better to best, to ensure you meet your goals and stick to your budget!  Our primary concern is getting you back on the road and ensuring your repaired vehicle is safe and ensuring your repairs do not exceed your budget.

Again, we know that not all auto body repairs will be insurance claims. That is simply the nature of things, but that should not prohibit you from getting the best service and best auto body repair and service here in Denver and Aurora. It is just the way we do business here at Accurate Auto Body.

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What are they Saying?

I can assure you that it was very refreshing to do business with your company. Very professional, very courteous, very respectful of my vehicle and VERY "down to earth!" Your work was very through, done right and right on time. It was my pleasure to business with you...although I can't necessarily say I'm looking forward to doing business with you again...BUT if needs be, I will NOT HESITATE to be a repeat customer!!! If I could, I would rate your company a SOLID 15 out of 10!!!!

Fred - Denver